James Rosen: FBI Has been Investigating Hunter Biden Since 2019

Do we really expect anything to come of this, though?

This person on Twitter brings up a great point:

This is why I don’t have high hopes for the Hunter investigation–or literally anything the FBI does.

When has any corrupt Democrat ever been brought to justice in this country? The answer is never.

The FBI is not going to bail us out. They are not going to bring the Democratic Crime Syndicate to justice. If anything they’re working on covering this up. What do you think is more likely: the FBI indicts the Bidens, or the FBI makes an announcement saying they’ve conducted a full investigation and cleared the Bidens of wrongdoing?

You know the answer.

The best we can do is vote and send the Bidens packing. The American people are the last line of defense.

Always have been, always will be.

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