Google Is A Joke

Trump just announced he’s doing a rally in Kenosha this Monday. It’s only an hour from where I live and I figure this might be my last chance to experience a Trump rally in person, so I’m going.

I wanted to see how early I should arrive to give myself the best chance of getting in, so I looked on DuckDuckGo and found some decent answers but nothing really definitive.

Then I tried Google and these were the search results:

It’s a neverending stream of negativity.

Google really, really does not want you to go to a Trump rally.


Can they be any more obvious about it?

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Google was trying to interfere in the election, which the media has told me is the worst thing ever.

Just to compare, I looked up “how to attend a Biden rally”:

Several helpful articles, naturally.

They even promoted an article that makes excuses for Biden’s pathetic rallies 😂.

It’s relentless. They are mobilizing anything and everything to try and drag Biden over the finish line.

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