Month: October 2020

The media is Nothing if Not Predictable: PEnce Accused of “Mansplaining” in Debate

They were always going to play this card no matter what happened in the debate. It’s why they invented the term “mansplaining” in the first place:

So this “man” that Andre Mitchell claims to know really believes that Kamala Harris’ finest moment in the debate was when she scolded Pence like child? She won the debate by being a nagging Karen?

There was literally nothing Mike Pence could’ve done or said during that debate that wouldn’t have been characterized as “mansplaining” by the media. This was the plan all along.

The Vice President is probably the most calm, even-keeled, polite and inoffensive person in national politics. And yet the media is still trying to portray him as a barking, domineering, sexist pig.

It’s laughable.

Look out everybody, we got a confirmed Woman Respecter over here!

Because all women in this country are battered down and muzzled and are never allowed to speak at all, and men just dominate them 24/7.

Does anyone who has ever met a woman believe this?

They act like it’s 1920 and anytime a woman talks out of turn she catches a backhand.

As with every narrative the left pushes, the whole “Women Aren’t Even Allowed to Speak in America” stuff couldn’t be further from the truth. Lots of women–especially the liberal ones on TV–do nothing but talk. And scold. And lecture. And complain. And above all, try to get people they dislike silenced.

It’s amazing how Kamala Harris can flip the switch from Strong, Independent, Cackling Shrew to timid, meek, battered Amish spouse.

Must be nice to be a Democratic Woman: any time a man disagrees with you his argument is invalidated on grounds that he’s “mansplaining” by “allies” like Karen Stephanopolous:

Nancy Pelosi Wants Trump to be Removed from Office Via 25th Amendment Less Than a Month Before Election

Doesn’t sound like she’s too confident in Biden’s chances:

But all the polls have Biden winning big. I just don’t understand it.

If Biden is cruising to a certain victory in less than a month, then why the need to invoke the 25th Amendment to get Trump out of office?

Isn’t Biden heavily favored to do just that in less than a month?

Or does Nancy Pelosi not believe the polls?

This is not something you’d say if you were confident in your chances to win this election. Just saying.

The Fly on Pence’s Head Was Kinda Odd

I hate to get into “conspiracy theorism” because it detracts from the fact that Pence won that debate soundly, but please watch this video and tell me there wasn’t something strange about the way the fly simply materializes on his head out of nowhere:

It just appears on his head out of nowhere, as if the TV producers said, “Damnit, he’s winning big. Cue the fly.”

You don’t think they have the ability to do superimpose a fly on his head to distract viewers from the actual debate? That fly was the only thing people were talking about.

And of course it gives liberals grounds to compare Pence to Satan:

Again, I hate to go all tinfoil hat here but would you really put it past these people to do something like this?

Ted Cruz With the Tweet of the Day

I know it’s from yesterday, but I saw it today:

I mean, really, how else can her tweet be interpreted? She’s mad at Walter Reed Hospital because they didn’t let Trump die of coronavirus.

The left’s hatred and wrath is their undoing.

Remember These Polls On Election Day

The media is trying to build up this narrative that Trump is cratering in the polls and that his campaign is dead in the water. Whether it’s because of his supposed “refusal” to disavow “white supremacy” (which was a lie) or because he got Covid and, I guess, people don’t approve of that (?), the media is pumping out poll after poll showing Trump getting absolutely destroyed like no other candidate in history.

Remember these polls in a month:

And this one, which is just ludicrous:

This is Reagan 1984-levels of dominance. Nobody believes this poll is accurate. Fitting because it comes from CNN.

And finally:

Biden +14.

Remember these polls on election day.

Hollywood Celebrities Get Naked In Lame, Weird “PSA” On Mail-in Voting

Is it me or did Hollywood get really uncool in the past 5 years or so?

I watched the stupid video so you don’t have to. It’s a bunch of people you don’t want to see naked, naked. It’s very strange and gross. I guess there’s something called a “naked ballot” in the state of Pennsylvania where if you don’t put your ballot into and envelope, and that envelope into a larger envelope, it doesn’t count. So I guess it kinda makes sense. But it’s still really dumb.

They do that really annoying thing where they Repeat.



Whatever the person in front of them said.

The link is here if you wish to subject yourself to it. But it’s a minute and 49 seconds you won’t be able to get back.

James Woods is spot-on here, though: these people are totally full of it.

California Governor: Keep Your Mask On In Between Bites When You’re Eating

This is real. Because SCIENCE!

This is the Party of Science, people.

They’re the ones who Believe In Science.

They’re way smarter than us. Our small, right-wing brains simply cannot comprehend the rationale behind how masks work and theoretically stop the spread of Covid-19, the most dangerous virus in world history.

Of course, the helpful graphic says “minimize the number of times you take your mask off,” yet following their advice and putting your mask on after every bite of food is literally maximizing the number of times you take your mask off. Because you have to take it off to have another bite of your food. And then put it on again. And then take it off again. And then put it on again.

Over the past 6-7 months of Covid, lots of Democrats have come to believe that they’re Super Geniuses for telling everyone to wear a mask, as if it’s some extremely complex, high-level science. “Believe the SCIENCE, wear a mask! SCIENCE!” They now view the simple act of wearing a mask a sign of their own moral and intellectual superiority. They wear the masks because they Believe In Science, and they’re quite smug about reminding us of that.

But what about the science that says our natural propensity for constantly touching and fiddling with our masks might actually make wearing a mask more dangerous than not wearing one, because you’re bringing your dirty hands into contact with your face more often than you otherwise would?

Or that non-medical cloth masks–which were never intended to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases–are largely ineffective against the tiny Covid-19 particles which can easily slip through the mask?

On March 8 of this year, Anthony Fauci himself said that “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask” because a. you’re going to be fiddling with it and touching it which could inadvertently lead to infection, and b. they’re really only meant for medical patients and medical workers.

Around the same time, the US Surgeon General urged people to “STOP BUYING MASKS!” and not just because we needed to make sure there were enough for hospital workers: he said it’s because they don’t work.

Lots of people are under the mistaken impression that top government officials were initially telling people not to buy and wear masks solely because they wanted to avoid a shortage of masks for medical professionals. While both Fauci and the Surgeon General did mention that as a reason they were advising against masks, they both also went as far as to say wearing a mask is not going to make much of a difference in keeping you healthy.

As with just about everything the Democrats say nowadays, the “Believe in Science, Wear a Mask” propaganda is an inversion; in reality it’s little more than pseudoscience. The masks are for mentally reassuring the gullible, Fake News-Watching masses, not stopping the spread of the virus.

Trump Rejects Dem “Stimulus” Proposal

This was the Democrats’ intent, of course. Get Trump to refuse the proposal so that they could make him look like a heartless asshole a month before the election.

The media, of course, will run with whatever the Democrats say, because they always report on every story with the assumption that the Democrats are the Good Guys and the Republicans are the Bad Guys. But I’m sure they won’t mention the fact that the Democrats loaded this bill up in bad faith with pork, handouts and radical left wish-list items deliberately so that Trump would reject it and they could portray him as not showing leadership or leaving the American people out to dry, or whatever.

The Democrats are flipping out, of course. Without trillions of dollars in “stimulus” every few months, the country is going to completely implode! We need stimulus! The economy can’t survive without it!

You know what would be great for the economy? Re-opening it.

But if we did that, the Beltway Swamp wouldn’t have an excuse to pass multitrillion-dollar pork and handout spending packages disguised as “stimulus.”

The Media Went Through the Full Cycle of Emotions Over Trump’s Covid Diagnosis This Weekend

It started with glee:


Other lefties predictably claimed that Trump got Covid because he didn’t worship SCIENCE enough:

Then they let their imaginations run wild with rampant speculation over Trump’s supposedly rapidly deteriorating health, which–shocker–turned out to be no more than wishful thinking. CNN, unable to hide their excitement, immediately began talking about the Presidential line of succession:

New York Times did its best to create the narrative that Trump was fighting for his life:

His doctors were said to be “throwing the kitchen sink at him” and taking measures which were usually “reserved for patients severely affected by the coronavirus.”

Then, when Trump recovered quickly, they found new problems to shriek about, such as the deeply problematic problem of Trump…. STANDING ON A BALCONY!

Mussolini also stood on balconies!

It’s confirmed. Fascists stand on balconies and Trump stood on a balcony, therefore Trump is a fascist.

They also criticized him for removing his mask once he got home–which virtually everyone in this country does, but apparently it’s RECKLESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE when Trump does it:

“Strongly medicated” as if he was acting erratically because of drugs. That’s what they’re implying here.

But the last part of the CNN tweet reveals their true intentions here: keeping people terrified of Covid.

Because one of the first things Trump did after getting home was record a video in which he says, multiple times, “don’t let the virus dominate your life,” in other words don’t live in fear of it. He said it’s time to get this country back open and back to work, and that’s the media’s real fear: that Trump, having had and survived the virus, now fully realizes what a media-driven scam this entire year has been.

He tweeted about it this morning and Twitter censored him:

So to recap, Trump was diagnosed with Covid on Thursday night, and then the media spent the whole weekend spreading wild claims that he was fighting for his life, as if simply reporting it would somehow magically make it true. Then, when Trump returned back home on Monday after a few days in the hospital, the media frantically tried to call him a fascist because he stood on a balcony and saluted Marine One as it departed the White House lawn.

What On Earth is Going on Inside Biden’s Head?

His latest malfunction: “The only reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home was because some black woman was able to stock the grocery shelves.”

What was he even trying to say here? How does your brain conjure up that sentence?

I’m at a loss here. I’m not even going to take the easy “Biden’s RACIST!” angle here. I’m more interested in just how somebody draws that connection. Does Biden believe it’s a well-known tradition that black women stock shelves at grocery stores? I feel like thats a predominantly male job anyway.

What do shelf-stockers have to do with his ability to hide in his basement all year? Wouldn’t delivery truck drivers be more crucial than shelf-stockers at grocery stores? “Where would this country be without people who take food from the back and put it on the shelves!?”

This is just so confusing and ridiculous. It’s like he was reading a mad lib or something.