“Mystery British Businessman” Bets $5 million on Trump to Win, Largest Political Bet On Record


A MYSTERY British businessman has bet $5 MILLION on a Donald Trump victory at 37/20 — believed to be the largest political punt ever made.

The rich former-banker who is based offshore used a private bookies registered on the tiny Caribbean island Curacao for his risky gamble on today’s US presidential election.

He’s got insider information:

A pal of the fluttering financiar said he had consulted with “Trump camp insiders” before making the high risk bet that could net him a cheque of almost $15million on 2.85 return.

He didn’t just plunk the bet down on a hunch.

A betting industry source told The Sun: “Word of this bet has done the rounds and we think it’s the biggest ever made on politics.”

But the mystery punter was not alone in a last minute flurry of bets for the White House incumbent. 

Ladbrokes said 3 in 4 of all bets for Trump in the final week of campaign.

Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said: “Biden looks home and hosed according to the bookies and pollsters, but even at the eleventh hour punters are continuing to back Trump at the odds on offer.”

And Paddy Power said the volume of wagers placed on the two candidates over the last 24-hours has seen 93 per cent of the money backing Donald Trump to get a second term, with just 7 per cent going for Joe Biden.

Virtually all of the last-minute money has come in on Trump.

This is normally when the sharps get in. You see this in sports betting a lot: when the late money comes in overwhelmingly on one team, it means the smart guys know something’s up.

Any time there’s significant movement in the line late, you should take notice.

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