The Energy Is With Trump

This tweet perfectly captures why I believe Trump will win:

I don’t care about the polls because the energy is behind Trump. The enthusiasm, the mood of the nation, the fact that he’s the man that matches the moment.

DraftKings, the betting site, has over 350k entries in its election prediction pool, and 49 out of 50 states believe Trump will win the election:

These are regular people betting on who they think will win the election. They base this off the signals they’re picking up from people they know–family, friends, acquaintances. How do I know this? Well, they’re obviously not basing it on the polls, otherwise the map would be blue.

Look at the blowout in rural voting turnout in Missouri:

This is the Silent Majority turning out in droves for their President.

All this massive turnout you’re seeing in rural America is driven by enthusiasm and energy for Trump.

The Amish are having Trump parades:

“You know it’s going to be a landslide when the Amish start to rally and create their own Trump Train 😎🇺🇸”

Originally tweeted by 45🇺🇸 (@45F0RLIFE) on November 3, 2020.

This is what I mean when I say the energy is behind Trump

The media doesn’t report it so lots of people aren’t even aware of it. But it’s happening all over the country.

There is zero energy behind Biden. Why do you think every other commercial on TV and every social media platform keeps screaming at you to VOTE?

It’s because there is no energy or enthusiasm behind Biden. Getting people to vote for Biden is like pulling teeth.

Tonight Biden said “I’m Joe Biden’s husband” at his rally in Pittsburgh

Originally tweeted by J Joe the Boomerson (@boomberg1911) on November 3, 2020.

How can this man possibly generate energy? They probably put the wrong thing on the telepromter and he was too slow to catch it.

The only-pro Biden energy is among people who already voted against Trump in 2016.

Rally after rally after rally, in multiple states each day, tens of thousands of people waiting in line for 8, 9 even 10+ hours, in the cold, just to catch a glimpse of this man.

He’s like the Beatles on tour in the 60s.

If Biden was consistently having rallies as big as Trump’s, wouldn’t you be worried? Of course you would be. Common sense would tell you there’s a groundswell of support for Biden if that was the case.

But no: the media is telling us the rallies don’t matter–the polls matter. And people actually believe it.

Cities all across the country are boarding up in preparation for rioting tomorrow night:

Do you really think they’re afraid of Trump supporters rioting in LA?

Of course not. They’re afraid of Biden supporters rioting in LA.

Why do you think Nate Silver is suddenly hedging his bets and saying “Welllllllll, if Trump wins FL, NC and GA then this thing is a 50-50 tossup”?

Nate Silver might be a hack, but he’s not a dummy.

The energy is behind Trump.

The signs are all around us.

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