The Shenanigans Have Begun

Trump just got done speaking. It’s 1:30 in the morning for me here in Chicago. But it’s pretty clear what’s happening, and Trump said it: the election just “stopped.” And he’s going to the Supreme Court to put an end to the funny business.

Florida counted their votes in a timely fashion. Texas did. California has. Ohio did. Indiana did. Illinois did. Minnesota did. New Jersey did.

But very curiously, the crucial swing states that would put Trump over the top–Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan with their combined 76 electoral votes–just suddenly cannot be decided.

Couting has ceased.

All of those states but Michigan were called on election night in 2016 other than Michigan which took a few days to finally be settled. No problems there.

But now those states can’t be called on election night 2020.

It’s all very strange.

But we know what’s happening: corrupt machine Democrats in deep-blue cities like Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Atlanta now know how far behind they are, and they are about to go to work “counting” enough “ballots” (aka fabricating them) in order to pull Biden into the lead in those states.

Notice how Fox News called Arizona for Biden even though there were something like 800-900k outstanding ballots left from election day which were expected to go 2:1 for Trump.

In states where Biden is in the lead, the election is called. Done. Finished. That’s a wrap. Trump loses the state.

In states where Trump is ahead, “Welllllll, Biden still has a chance here…”

North Carolina and Georgia should be called for Trump. They should’ve been called for him hours ago.

Trump is currently “behind” in the electoral votes 227-213 according to Decision Desk HQ. Add Georgia and NC to his total and he’s at 244. Add in Alaska, which will likely go his way, and he’s at 247. Then if you add in ME-2, which hasn’t been called yet but he’s leading and should win, he’s at 248.

At that point all he needs is 2 out of 3 of Wisconsin (10), Pennsylvania (20) and Michigan (16). Any combination of the three puts him over 270, regardless of what happens in Arizona and Nevada.

But wouldn’t you know, they’re just not ready to call PA, MI, WI, NC and GA.

Too much uncertainty!

It’s so obvious what’s happening. Democrats are scrounging up fake ballots that will hopefully pull them ahead in those states.

We all know it’s happening.

Precisely. They were each waiting to see how big Trump’s margin was in the rest of the state.

And look, Republicans: we have every right to be mad about this. Big City Democrats are the scum of the earth. They really are.

But this is who they are. It’s in their nature. How can we get mad at them for doing something we’ve been expecting them to do for months?

What we need to do is stop it instead of just complaining about it like helpless bystanders as they steal the Presidency.

Trump seems to be wise to what’s going on, which is reassuring. But there is so much corruption in this country–in the courts, in the Big Blue Cities.

We are not out of the woods here.

I’m wrapping up this article and it’s about 1:48am and right now here’s where we stand in the major states:

  • Pennsylvania: Trump up 14% with between 73%-87% of the vote counted (DDHQ for some reason can’t accurately specify how much of the vote is in so they provide a range–a pretty wide range at that). Trump’s lead is currently 719,270 votes in PA.
  • Michigan: Trump up 7.36% with between 68-80% of the vote in. Trump’s current lead: 276,707.
  • Wisconsin: Trump up 3.77% with between 87-99% of the vote in. Trump’s current lead: 110,839.
  • Georgia: Trump up 2.16% with >99% of the vote in. Trump’s current lead: 101,977.
  • North Carolina: Trump up 1.4% with >99% of the vote in. Trump’s current lead: 76,701.
  • Arizona: Trump is DOWN 4.95% with 81-97% of the vote in. Trump’s current DEFICIT: 130,665. However, Trump campaign insists that if they win at least 62% the election day ballots that are still yet to be counted, they will win the state.

That’s where we stand right now.

Those of you who have been around for long enough know how it usually goes: Republican lead tend to vanish, while Democratic leads are insurmountable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a late swing from D to R in any state.

Trump needs to have lawyers and poll-watchers absolutely swarming places like Philadelphia, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Charlotte.

They are going to steal these states from him if he doesn’t fight back here. I promise you that.

I’m sure you know it, too.

Dems are trying to say there’s “absentee” ballots from heavily D areas still outstanding in all these states.

This is bullshit. The mail-in ballots were the first to be counted. Because they came in prior to election day.

They already have these on hand. They’re just magically getting them in.

I said this earlier this year and it’s coming to fruition now: the Democrats were not prepared for Trump winning in 2016, so they weren’t prepared to steal the election on election night. They were completely blindsided. Up until like 2am they thought they could still win in 2016.

Afterwards, they resolved to be prepared for 2020: they were going to be ready. And you’re seeing that all play out right now.

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