Where This Election Is Headed

A lot of stuff has been said today by all kinds of people, but I think this is ultimately where we’re headed:

It’s going to be another Bush V. Gore situation.

I hope we can win before it comes to that, but I just have a feeling it’s going to the Supreme Court. Trump has already said he’s going that route.

Trump is not going to give up this easily. He appointed 3 of the current 9 Supreme Court Justices, and you better believe he views them as investments which will pay off for him eventually.

If Barrett even thinks about recusing herself from this decision, he’s going to pull her aside and say, “A. Remember who put you where you are, you’d be nothing without me, and B. If Biden wins, he’ll pack the court, and your shiny new Supreme Court seat becomes totally irrelevant.”

We have Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and now Amy Coney-Barrett on the court. I hope and pray they see through the B.S. and put an end to the shenanigans.

Now, that said, we still have a path to victory here: hold on to Georgia, North Carolina and PA while flipping Arizona. That gives us 62 electoral votes on top of Trump’s current 214 for 276 and the win.

Plus we’ll likely win Alaska (3) for 279, and we’re still alive in Nevada (6) for a max of 285.

An account called “Data Orbital” on Twitter says they believe Trump is going to carry Arizona eventually:

But I want recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump was ahead in those states, then the vote counting “stopped,” and then when we woke up this morning somehow Biden was ahead by razor-thin margins. There’s some funny business that went down in those states. It just doesn’t seem right that Trump could win big in Ohio, win Pennsylvania but lose Michigan and Wisconsin. It’s possible, for sure, but it just doesn’t jibe with the voting trends of the upper-Midwest overall. Trump won Ohio by over 8%. He won Iowa big. He’s done extraordinarily well in PA thus far. He won Indiana by 20%. It just doesn’t make sense that Michigan and Wisconsin would go the other way. Again, it’s possible–I’m not saying it’s impossible–it’s just strange.

Still, though: if the Democrats lose, they’ll take this to the courts, which will get appealed up to the Supreme Court. So that’s why I believe that no matter what happens in the next few days, this thing is going to the highest court in the land.

Other takeaways:

  • Trump is said to be “undermining democracy” by calling out the people who are actually undermining democracy. That’s how this works. Stealing elections is perfectly fine. NOTICING the Democrats stealing elections? Threat to our democracy!
  • We are a 50/50 nation: Yes, Not Trump is ahead in the popular vote by about 2.5 million right now, but as with Hillary in 2016, more than 100% of that margin comes solely from California, where Not Trump is currently ahead by nearly 3 million. The rest of the country is split down the middle between pro-Trump and anti-Trump, if not slightly pro-Trump. I’m not even going to refer to Biden as an actual political candidate because even his supporters know he’s little more than a way to vote against Trump. He’s “Not Trump.” And it’s remarkable that the country is so close given how the media, Hollywood, academia, public schools, social media/big tech, sports, the deep state and big businesses have gone all-in against Trump. We are not the minority in this country. This election, no matter how it plays out, was nowhere close to the resounding repudiation of Trump the ruling class was desperate for.
  • The polls: If you read this site I’m sure you were with me the whole time that the polls were massively, stupendously wrong in 2020. I’ll only pull a few examples real quickly because I could go on for hours with this, but on Monday there were 5 polls of Florida released: Biden +5, Biden +4, Biden +3, Trump +1, Trump +2. The closest to the actual result (Trump +3.5%) was the Trump +2 which was conducted by Trafalgar. A CNBC poll of Michigan had Biden +7 on Monday; the state is currently within a percentage point. Six polls of PA came out Monday: Biden +7, Biden +5, Biden +4, Biden +3, Trump +2, Trump +1. The two that had Trump ahead were Trafalgar (+2) and Susquehanna (+1). Trafalgar comes away from this as the only reputable pollster, along with the Selzer poll of Iowa, which nailed Trump’s margin basically perfectly. Do not trust the mainstream media polls at all. Completely ignore them from now on.
  • Hispanic voters: Exit polls show Biden won Hispanics 66-32 over Trump, which represents a decent improvement over Hillary’s 66-28 margin over Trump in 2016. But that’s not the full story. Trump did fantastic with Hispanics in Florida and Texas. I think if you exclude California, Trump ran pretty damn close with Hispanics in the remaining 49 states. Democrats’ dream of a permanent majority enabled by maintaining a lock on the minority vote seems to be fading. Long-term, I see the GOP turning into a multi-racial working class/middle class/small business-owner party.
  • Black voters: exit polls show Trump increased his support with black voters from 8% in 2016 to 12%. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s the best a Republican has done with black voters since 1996.
  • Fox News is dead to conservatives: The Big Tell was Chris Wallace’s disgraceful conduct as “moderator” in the first debate. He went full liberal. Then, last night, they didn’t call Florida even though it was already decided. They didn’t call Texas when it was already decided. They waited a long time to call Ohio. Yet they were calling states for Biden before a single vote was even recorded (i.e. Virginia). But most egregious was them calling Arizona last night despite nearly a million ballots from election day (heavily Trump) still outstanding. It’s now looking like Trump has a decent shot to win Arizona today. Fox’s “news” coverage is dead and buried. The only redeeming aspect of Fox News is the opinion content, like Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Gutfeld, etc.
  • We’re Going to Keep the Senate: That’s the way it’s looking right now at least. So even if Biden wins, this is a decent consolation prize. Of course, Biden could still undo all of Trump’s executive orders quite easily.

We will be fine no matter what happens. I know it seems like this is the end of the world, but I promise you it’s not. Every election in my lifetime has felt like a life and death matter. Life will go on. This country is in much better shape than you think it is. The media is largely to blame for our perceptions of the country.

Whether Trump or Biden wins, the virus will probably go away pretty quickly. The Democrats only cared about it as a means to attack Trump.

Even when the riots were raging over the summer, it’s still true that over 95% of Americans were completely unaffected by them and, had they not been on social media or watched the news, probably would have not even known they were happening.

There’s more to life than politics. It’s becoming increasingly clear that focusing too much on politics is bad for you and bad for the nation.

We always laugh at the libs who think they’re all going to be stripped of their rights and shipped off to gulags if a Republican wins, but we’re guilty of the same delusional hysteria.

We need to pull back from the ledge here. It’s going be fine. We will get through this one way or another.

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