This Is The Most Deep-State Thing Ever

Sometimes you just have to laugh:

So in the one election since 1960 with genuine concerns over “election crimes”–the ONE MOMENT in this guy’s life when he might actually be forced to do his job–he resigns in protest.

By the way: why does the DoJ even have a department of election crimes? I thought voter fraud was a myth. The media assured me it doesn’t exist…

Still: this is one of the most Deep State things I’ve ever seen. The guy in charge of “election crimes” is so determined not to find any of them in the most suspect election in modern history that he resigned his position.

The guy in charge of investigating election crimes doesn’t want to find any election crimes.

The US government is hilariously, overwhelmingly and spectacularly corrupt. It’s honestly kind of incredible to see how few f*cks the Uniparty gives about wearing their corruption on their sleeves.

This guy Pilger’s job exists for one reason (at least in theory): to prosecute election crimes and root out vote fraud. This could be Pilger’s shining moment if he were to simply do his job. He could be a national hero, the man to uncover massive election fraud and restore the integrity of our elections for future generations.

But no: he would rather resign than do his job.

There is perhaps no greater metaphor for the US government than a fox guarding the hen house.

I get that there are people who think this election was 100% legit. But I can’t handle them not even wanting to find out if the allegations of voter fraud are true. They have no interest in looking into the matter.

They don’t want to know if the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. They are desperate not to know the truth.

That should tell you everything you need to know.

For this guy to be so vociferously opposed to even trying to get to the bottom of things, to the point of resigning rather than investigating it. I just–I really just have to laugh. It’s a cartoonish level of corruption.

The man whose job it is to prosecute election crimes resigns in protest after being asked to investigate the most credible accusations of election fraud in 60 years–big-time Third World vibes.

What has this “election crimes investigator” guy been doing all these years? I’m sure he’s been spending every waking moment investigating possible TRUMP-RUSSIA COLLUSION.

Because to the Swamp, the only election crime that has happened in their eyes was Trump winning in 2016.

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