How Corporate America Will COerce You Into Getting the Covid Vaccine

Ticketmaster is giving us a preview of what’s to come:

Want to go to a concert? Better be vaccinated.

All this because of the flu.

Covid has a 99% survival rate for people under 70. Above 70, it’s still 94.6%.

It’s almost as if it’s not about the virus at all, but control.

Expect more companies to follow their lead on this. Want to take an Uber? Better be vaccinated. Want to rent out an Airbnb? Better be vaccinated.

Sporting events are probably going to do this, too.

Airlines are also likely to do this, too. That’s the big one. If the airlines start demanding you get a vaccine before flying, oh boy.

I could even see it getting to a point where you have to show proof of vaccination before entering a store.

The vaccine will be de facto mandatory, not de jure.

There won’t be a law passed that says you legally have to get the Covid vaccine, but the corporations are going to essentially make it mandatory.

Welcome to America 2020, where corporations are now the government.

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