The Media’s Mass Psychological Abuse Of Democratic Voters

Great segment during a Tim Pool livestream:

“The point a lot of people are missing with this is that yes you can dislike the guy and even hate him for not being the president you would have liked or wanted, but the belief that he is a racist dictator who is literally hitler that must be stopped at any cost is a product of

The MSM and you have to acknowledge their complicity in this if you have any semblance of objectivity left.”

This is @jackmurphylive btw 🙏🏼

Originally tweeted by Emily✨ (@astateofEmily) on November 13, 2020.

I wrote about this this other day when I looked at Biden’s strong numbers in the suburbs: lots of people believed the media’s apocalyptic rhetoric about Trump and, as Jack Murphy put it, said, “Just make it stop,” with their votes in 2020.

Everything the media has done since 2016 is part of one massive psyop.

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