If coronavirus Was As Dangerous As They Claim…

…then governors like Cuomo and Newsom wouldn’t even have to ban Thanksgiving gatherings.

They wouldn’t have to force us to wear masks, force us to stay home, force restaurants to close down, force bars to close down, and force offices to close down.

Because if the virus was really that bad, we’d all be doing that stuff by choice.

If perfectly healthy young people were dropping like flies from coronavirus, then other perfectly healthy young people would hear about it and be scared shitless, and lock themselves down willingly.

All living creatures are naturally inclined towards self-preservation. We hear a loud bang, we jump and look around. We flinch when we think someone is going to punch us. When we’re thirsty, we seek water.

We take notice of our surroundings and instinctively react to any potential threats. If people truly perceived coronavirus as a mortal threat, they would react accordingly without any government coercion. Their survival mechanisms would’ve kicked in by now.

The fact that governments are ordering people to wear masks and stay home “for their own good” is on-its-face ridiculous. They claim they’re protecting us from ourselves, but most people are smart enough to realize that the coronavirus is not a major threat to them.

The very fact that they have to force us to wear masks and submit to “restrictions” is enough proof that the virus is not that dangerous.

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