How Long Until We Stop “Trusting The Plan”?

Right up until Biden is inaugurated? If you watch Biden get inaugurated as the 46th President on January 20th, are you still trusting the plan?

Here’s some questions I have:

  • Trump knew the election would be stolen. Why didn’t he do anything about it beforehand?
  • Why did he hire Christopher Wray as FBI Director?
  • Why did he hire Gina Haspel as CIA Director?
  • It is now December 11. The Election was November 3. What progress has been made in un-stealing it?
  • The Electoral College meets to certify the results on December 14. If this happens, what then? What’s the explanation? This is happening on Monday barring some last-second intervention. After that point, Joe Biden is officially the President. It is officially over.
  • What’s with Trump being so pro-vaccine? And him “mobilizing the military to deliver the Covid vaccine”?
  • Why hasn’t the Durham investigation yielded any results?
  • Why hasn’t the “kraken” been unleashed yet?

I think we’re being strung along here. I think we’re being given false hope.

I’m not saying all these rumors about elite members of the Establishment getting secretly arrested and flights to Gitmo and GIA Director Gina Haspel “flipping” are false. I’m not saying Trump doesn’t have a plan in the works to un-steal this election.

But I’m not seeing any results.

If this plan is really true, then they’re going to essentially flip the election at the last minute? How is that going to look to them? No matter what happens here, half the country is going to think the election is stolen.

Why would you wait until the last possible minute—after the campaigning, after Biden has apparently won, and potentially even after the Electoral College certifies the results—to put the “plan” into action?

I know what the running theory is: “Trump wanted to catch them in the act so he could expose them.”

But how, exactly, would he “expose them”? Even if he catches them dead-to-rights with incontrovertible proof, the media will pull off the spin job of the century and all the brainwashed news-watchers will think it’s just another Fascist Trump Scheme.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that Trump would allow the election to be stolen just so he could catch them in the act. If he knew they were going to steal the election and how they were going to steal it, he would’ve done something about it beforehand. That makes more sense, right? To me it does.

Is it possible there’s no plan, and that we’re just being strung along so we have false hope?

That this whole “trust the plan” and “stop the steal thing” is just meant to drag out in order to give people on our side time to simmer down until it gets so convoluted and far-fetched that we just eventually forget about it?

That’s how it’s looking to me right now. Biden will be certified as the winner of the election on Monday barring something dramatic.

How could that possibly be part of the plan?

I’ve heard about this big multi-state lawsuit people are talking about. Obviously I hope it succeeds but is that our be-all, end-all here?

I’m not trying to be a downer on this Friday afternoon. I’m trying to set realistic expectations. I sincerely hope justice is served and all the corruption is exposed, but it’s getting harder and harder to see that happening with each passing day.

We’re on our own here. At least half the Republican politicians want Trump gone and were probably in on the steal.

Here’s my biggest question of all: if January 20th comes and Trump willingly leaves office, then what will that mean for us? If he makes a big fuss about the election being stolen and then just proceeds to leave office, then what does that say about him?


  1. Trevor says:

    Once the 1st amendemnt falls, which is almost there, the 2nd is meaningless.

    Don’t beleive me? Ask all those people who were in countries that were taken over by communism, or Nazi’s, or Africans, etc…

    1. Hohenzollern says:

      I’d say the opposite is also true: if the 2nd falls, nothing is stopping them from taking away the first.

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