I am very bullish on PLTR over the long-haul. I think it’s very pricey right now even at $21.90 a share, but over the next 5-10 years it will grow tremendously.

Palantir just announced the release of a Google Chrome extension called PhishCatch, which is like password security and, as the name implies, anti-phishing measures.

I didn’t understand much from the blog post, but I did see the term “password reuse detection” a few times, so I’m assuming it sends out an alert if one of your passwords is reused on a different computer.

Basically the whole point is that most people use the same password for all their online accounts–online banking, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Instagram, etc. Thus it makes it relatively easy for a scammer to come up with a sham website, get a few thousand people to create an account with a password and their email address, and then, assuming a lot of those people use the same password for all their online accounts, take those email addresses and passwords and break into people’s Facebooks, online banking accounts and anything else you can think of.

Without getting too carried away with the app itself, this is an interesting development for Palantir. While this is a service primarily offered for businesses (in fact they invented it for their own corporate use), they are now giving it out to the general public.

This is the first “B2C” product Palantir has released, to my knowledge. Everything else prior was B2G or B2B. When trying to figure out a fair valuation for Palantir stock, most of us assumed all their revenues would come from either other businesses or governments, not consumers.

But PhishCatch indicates that perhaps they are also expanding into the consumer sector and will at some point down the road have a variety of products available for individuals to use.

There won’t be an immediate effect on the stock as PhishCatch is free, but it provides us with a glimpse at the company’s ambitions.

Palantir is going to be everywhere. Not only will businesses be using it, but potentially us everyday consumers will be using Palantir products in the future as well.

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