Lumber prices are through the roof:

Lumber prices got pretty crazy in 2018, but this is something else entirely. Lumber prices are more than quadruple their average price (<=~400 over the past 5 years).

Copper is going crazy, too:

Food prices are going up across the board:

And while cattle prices (i.e. beef) have remained largely stable and within the bounds of their historical norms, lean hogs (i.e. pork prices) are as high as they’ve ever been over the past five years:

Oil is back up to where it has traditionally been over the past five years or so, but because the rise was so quick, gas prices shot up along with it. Where I live in Chicago I’m paying about $4 a gallon for 87 fuel.

The problem is that gas prices went down so much in early 2020, then increased a son over the next 7-8 months–as you can see oil prices have gone up over 600% from the April 2020 bottom to the current price.

Inflation is here, people.

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