There has been a ton of commotion over the Covid vaccine in the NFL and whether it plays a factor in players getting cut. Jaguars coach Urban Meyer recently said that a player’s vaccination status was “certainly in consideration” when making roster cuts, although the team tried to walk those comments back a bit by saying, no, it’s all about ability and absolutely no player has been cut from the Jaguars because they didn’t get the vaccine.

The Patriots recently cut Cam Newton, who many projected to be the team’s starting QB, and sports talking heads speculated that it was because Newton refused to get the vaccine. To me, this stuff is ridiculous. There are a ton of big-name NFL players who refuse to get the vaccine. Kirk Cousins, Carson Wentz, DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Jackson, etc. Probably Dak Prescott as well.

None of those guys were at risk of getting cut. Why? Because they’re really good at football and are extremely valuable to their teams. Cam Newton just got beaten out by a rookie.

This idea that Cam would still be the Patriots’ QB if he was vaccinated is kind of idiotic. If Cam was the best option they had at QB, they’d let him go unvaccinated. Are we really going to act like athletes can’t get away with virtually everything as long as they’re still at the top of their game? It’s a time-honored tradition.

So Bill Belichick had to point out the obvious:

Yes, news flash, the Vaccine does not make you immune from Covid. In fact, the CDC just came out and said the Covid vaccine is now just 66% effective, down from 91%, which is what they claimed earlier this year.

And, even worse, Israel says the Pfizer vaccine is just 39% effective:

The vaccine doesn’t work. It’s a fact. It’s not even deniable at this point.

The vaccine was sold as the end of Covid and the end of masks. It was sold as guaranteed immunity from Covid, but it’s an indisputable fact that it provides no such thing.

The vaccine does not make you immune from Covid. Just look at the numbers:

Now all the SCIENCE LOVERS on social media are moving the goal-posts, “Well nobody said the Vaccine was perfect…”

But that’s how it was sold to us.

“Nobody said the vaccine would PREVENT you from getting Covid; it’s designed to make it so it’s not as bad when you DO get it.”

Oh, hell no. This was never the understanding when they first rolled out the vaccines. The vast majority of people who took the vaccines did so under the impression that the vaccine would make them immune from Covid.

The common understanding of the word “vaccine” is that once you take it, you are then immune from ever getting that illness again. The Polio vaccine, the Smallpox vaccine, the Tuberculosis vaccine, the Measles vaccine–all those shots we took before starting school. Remember them?

We no longer have to worry about illnesses like Polio, Smallpox, Tuberculosis, the Measles, etc. because we have basically all been immunized against them. Those vaccines worked.

And that’s what we thought of when we were told about the Covid vaccine. We thought, “Oh, another vaccine? Yeah, just like those shots I had as a kid.”

The Covid vaccine was supposed to eradicate Covid. That’s how it was sold to us, that’s why so many people eagerly took it, and that’s what so many people still believe to this day.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise now that the vaccine is clearly not doing what it was promised to do. Don’t let these idiots move the goalposts and act like the vaccine was always about mitigation.

The vaccine was promised to eradicate, not mitigate, Covid. Bill Belichick is speaking the truth here. He’s saying what everyone knows, but that few will actually admit: the vaccines don’t work.

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