Health Officials to White House: Chill on All that Booster Shot Talk

From the New York Times:

So the 9-month booster shot isn’t a good idea? Who’d have thunk it?

It is not normal for a vaccine to require booster shots less than a year in.

Man, I thought the Biden Administration had this all under control? I thought the Adults In The Room were going to have Covid beaten in short order? How on earth could these Super Geniuses recommend a booster shot rollout plan without enough SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE? I thought they were pro-science?

And it’s interesting they say they don’t have enough data. I thought this vaccine was FDA approved?

Israel is currently going through the Panic Booster Shots phase as the 78%-vaccinated nation sees its most aggressive spike in Covid cases on record. Why not wait and see how it goes for them before we try it?

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