I’m done trying to convince the libs that Democrats are bad and Republicans are good. This is because I no longer believe the Republicans are good. They’re better, in general, than the Democrats, but that is not saying much at all. It’s like saying Ted Bundy isn’t as bad as Jeffrey Dahmer.

I’m now trying to convince libs that just because Republicans are bad does not mean the Democrats are good.

This is the one thing they need to get through their thick skulls. A large number of libs out there genuinely believe the Democratic Party is good. It’s mostly because they just hate the GOP so much, but whatever the reason, there are a lot of people out there who are still willing to defend and support the Democratic Party.

I think most conservatives gave up on the Republican Party a long time ago, at least mentally. They support Trump, not the GOP. But it seems like a lot of libs out there genuinely like the Democratic Party.

You get into a political discussion with them and point out how awful the Democratic Party is, and like clockwork, they respond with something like, “Well the Republicans are bad because x, y, z!!!”

And then you get roped into a brain cell-destroying debate about which party is better.

The real debate is, there is no debate. Both parties are heinously, malevolently awful. Period, end of story. It doesn’t matter which one is marginally worse; they’re both so awful it’s not even worth debating.

This country would be in an immeasurably better place if every single last Democrat and every single last Republican from sea to shining sea, from President on down to county comptroller down to dog catcher, were voted out of office and replaced with names chosen at random from the phone book.

It’s only once a majority of Americans accept that both the Democrats and Republicans are horrendously awful that we can actually figure out how, and what, to replace them with going forward.

I don’t know what we’ll replace them with, I just know that there are still way too many people in this country who delusionally believe that either one of the two parties has the answers to the problems America faces today. More people than ever have seen the light, but there are still plenty out there who haven’t.

People, get real: the Democrats and Republicans caused virtually all the problems we have in this country. And if they didn’t cause them by commission, they propagate them by omission (i.e. failing to solve them despite having the power to do so).

But until libs stop clinging to this black-and-white, Disney movie view of the world where the Democrats are the Good Guys and the Republicans are the Bad Guys, we will never be able to fix this country.

Way too many Americans still have faith in the two parties, and that needs to change.

Stop viewing the world as it ought to be and start viewing it as it is: the Democrats and Republicans are both the Bad Guys. They do not care about you at all. They do not care about this country at all.

Our political class is owned by big Pharma. Why else would they be ignoring promising Covid treatments like Ivermectin and instead only pushing the big Pharma vaccine?

A phenomenal article was recently released entitled “The Drug that Cracked Covid,” written by Michael Capuzzo. It’s about two doctors–one named Paul Marik, one of the most renowned and decorated pulmonary specialists in the world, the other named Pierre Kory, a Marik “protege” and self-described liberal from New York City–who have for the past year been trying to convince Congress, and the world in general, that Ivermectin can help us win the fight against Covid. Read this excerpt from the article and then tell me with a straight face that the US government cares about the American people:

As Kory left the Senate hearing room that morning in December after his Ivermectin testimony, his face was dark with disgust. The hearing was dead before it started. When Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin (with whom Kory decidedly shares no political sympathies) called the hearing on early COVID-19 treatments, The New York Times ran an advance story eviscerating it as a panel of anti-science kooks promoting “fringe theories,” a “forum for amplifying dubious theories and questionable treatments pushed by President Trump,” including hydroxychloroquine. The hearing was boycotted by all seven Democrats (who have received a total of $1.3 million in big pharma bucks from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Gilead, and others), and four of the seven Republicans, including Utah’s Mitt Romney (more than $3 million received from big pharma), Ohio’s Rob Portman ($542,400), and Florida’s Rick Scott (more than $1 million in stock in Gilead Sciences, maker of Remdesivir).

Michigan Senator Gary Peters, the Democratic chairman, walked out after reading an opening statement saying the hearing was “playing politics with public health.” Kory was outraged. “I want to register my offense at the ranking member’s opening statement,” he said. “I was discredited as a politician, [but] I am a physician and a man of science. I’ve done nothing, nothing, but commit myself to scientific truth and the care of my patients.” But the next day the assault continued. “All the gods of science and medicine” as Marik calls them, descended to crush the little Nobel-Prize winning pill. The New York Times headlined, “A Senate hearing promoted unproven drugs and dubious claims about the coronavirus,” slamming Ivermectin as unproven, but never mentioning Kory or his testimony. In subsequent days, the WHO guidelines committee, after promising a thorough review for months, quashed Ivermectin without a vote, as a lesser advising committee threw out all the strongest evidence first— including the WHO consultant’s own report and “having thrown out most of the evidence,” Kory said, “they called the remaining few crumbs ‘of very low certainty.’”

Our politicians simply don’t want to know if Ivermectin can cure Covid and save lives. If it’s not the failing Pfizer vaccine or the $3,000 per pill, Gilead-produced Remdesivir (which also doesn’t work at all), they completely ignore it.

It’s a bipartisan problem: both Democrats and Republicans are in the pocket of Big Pharma. Our government is totally and utterly compromised when it comes to Covid-19.

It’s like that scene in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York where Kevin is in the bad part of NYC at night and is terrified by all the freaks, hookers and junkies on the street, so he tries to hail a cab and get the hell out of there, but the cab driver is a freak himself. “It’s scary out there!” Kevin says to him after getting in. The driver turns around, revealing his grotesque and disfigured face, and replies, “Ain’t much better in here kid.”

The American people have no allies in the government. People assume that because one party sucks, the other must be at least half-decent. Wrong. They’re both terrible.

Think of how many Americans have died directly because of our politicians’ corruption.

Why would they be allowing millions of illegals to come in and take jobs away from Americans?

They demonize and defund the police in order to posture as “progressive” and “anti-racist,” even though such policies lead to spikes in violent crime, specifically in black communities.

Why else would they be allowing China to dominate us in trade and literally overtake us as the world’s superpower before our very eyes?

Why would they be sending our boys off halfway around the world to die in some desert despite those countries posing no direct threat to our homeland whatsoever? Saddam had no WMDs. We were in Afghanistan for 20 years and what did it get us?

When it comes to solving the opioid crisis or allowing Big Pharma to continue profiting off getting people addicted to opioids, what do you think our government chooses?

They don’t give a fuck about us. All they care about are themselves and their corporate overlords. 

I would almost rather live under an authoritarian government like China or Russia for the simple fact that I believe those countries’ governments actually act in the best interest of their nations. They’re nationalist governments in the sense that they are pursuing their nations’ interests. We already live under an authoritarian regime anyway, it’s just that most Americans are in denial about it.

America’s government does not pursue America’s interests. Our politicians pursue the interests of the multinational corporations that own them. If those interests conflict with those of the average American, the multinational corporations will win out every single time.

Our politicians choose to fight for the profits of big business over American livelihoods–and lives–100% of the time.

The main reason our government is so dysfunctional is because so many Americans don’t believe any of the policies our government enacts actually have the best interests of Americans at heart.

If people actually trusted the government, then the government would have no problem getting people vaccinated against Covid. We wouldn’t have to have the vaccine passports at all. (I know the vaccine doesn’t work, I’m just using it as an example).

But the government has done nothing to earn anyone’s trust.

It’s time for more Americans to acknowledge the fact that their government doesn’t give a fuck about them–whether they live, die, have a job, lose their job, get hooked on painkillers and OD, get gunned down in the streets due to unpoliced crime, get the vaccine and still catch Covid, get the vaccine and die of myocarditis–the politicians don’t give a fuck that their policies directly hurt American people.

The sooner we all realize this the better.

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