I’ve been writing a lot about Ivermectin lately. In fact, it’s largely what motivated me to come back to this site and start writing here again.

I’ve been reading lots of studies and reading lots of articles from “alternative” news sources about using Ivermectin to treat Covid, and it all seems really promising.

If you haven’t yet read this article entitled “The Drug That Cracked Covid,” I strongly recommend it. It’s long, but I promise you it’s worth it. It’s a story about two doctors who are fighting like hell to get the government and the world writ large to listen to them about Ivermectin’s potential to quite literally cure Covid-19.

But given the fact that both the US government and the US media are going to great lengths to discourage people from using it, I figured it would be prudent to take a step back and assess the situation objectively. I’m at the point where I pretty much instinctively distrust anything that comes from the government or the media (and the media is basically the government’s propaganda department at this point), but that shouldn’t mean I instinctively and credulously believe anything that goes against what the government/media is saying.

In other words, just because the government/media aren’t credible does not mean all other sources of information automatically are credible.

So I wanted to put myself in the shoes of an Ivermectin-hating lib and see if that viewpoint actually makes any sense when put to the test.

The main question here is, if all these people touting Ivermectin are lying about it, then why is that? What do they have to gain from tricking people into believing Ivermectin cures Covid?

Are they just assholes who want to trick people into taking horse de-wormer? Maybe, but it’s unlikely. These are actual doctors we’re talking about here.

Are they just seeking fame and attention? Possibly, but the attention they’re receiving from the media and the government is overwhelmingly negative. I personally would not want to subject myself to the things that Dr. Pierre Kory has been through.

Could this stuff about Ivermectin all be made up? Sure, but it would be a pretty vast and far-ranging conspiracy if it were. We’re talking about dozens and dozens of studies conducted by doctors all around the world, from the US to the UK to India to Venezuela and plenty of other countries.

Is there a financial incentive for them to do so? No, not from what I can tell. Ivermectin was invented in 1971 by a Japanese microbiologist named Satoshi Omura. It went into mass-production by Merck in 1981 under the name Stromectol, and has been off-patent (i.e. available in generic form) since 1996. Currently, the price of Ivermectin is about $4 per tablet, which is nothing. It’s handed out by the truckload for free in Africa. Nobody’s making any serious money off the sale of Ivermectin–especially not these doctors who are advocating people take it. They don’t own Ivermectin; nobody does, really. It’s far too cheap and widely available nowadays to make serious money off of….


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