CITIGROUP: Vaccinated in Scotland Dying of Covid at 3x the Rate of Unvaccinated

This comes via ZH on Twitter:

We see pretty similar numbers in terms of new cases of Covid among the vaxed and the un-vaxed. Unvaxed are a bit higher than fully vaxed, but if you combine fully vaxed with partially vaxed, vaccinated are around 60% of the new cases.

However, in terms of severe cases of Covid (i.e. hospital admissions), people with either one or two doses of the vaccine make up nearly 70% of the total.

In terms of Covid deaths, the vaccinated make up almost 80%–more than 3x the number of deaths than among the un-vaccinated.

By now it’s undeniable that the vaccine doesn’t do what it was promised to do–confer immunity against Covid.

So then they started moving the goalposts: “Well ACKSHUALLY, the vaccine was never supposed to make you immune from Covid. It was only ever supposed to make it so if/when you do get Covid, it’s not nearly as bad.”

Never mind the fact that this has never been the objective of vaccines. What we’re seeing in Scotland right now disproves even the new, lower standard they’ve set for the vaccines.

Not only do the vaccines not prevent you from getting Covid, this data from Scotland shows the vaccinated are either being admitted to the hospital or straight-up dying of Covid at way higher rates than the un-vaccinated.

This whole failed vaccine rollout has progressed along the stages of grief. First, when the news started coming out that the vaccinated were getting Covid, it was Denial mixed with Anger: “SHUT THE FUCK UP! BREAKTHROUGH INFECTIONS ARE RARE!”

Then came bargaining, “Well at least the vaccine makes it so Covid won’t be as bad if you do end up getting it 😟😟…”

Next up: Depression, then Acceptance?

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