FDA Panel Votes 16-2 Against Biden’s Pfizer Booster Shot Plan

At first Biden was like, “We need to do booster shots!” And all the libs on social media were like, “Yeah! Booster shots for everyone! SCIENCE!”

But then the FDA was like, “Actually we shouldn’t do that because we haven’t done enough SCIENCE on the matter.”

Why would Joe Biden, who is so Scientific™ it’ll make your head spin, push a booster shot program not backed by SCIENCE™?

I wonder if this has anything to do with those two FDA officials who resigned a few weeks ago over the Biden Administration’s decision to recklessly roll forward with the booster shots.

Two senior officials have resigned from their positions within the US Food and Drug Administration over frustrations with the Biden administration’s plans to move forward with recommending COVID-19 booster shots without their prior approval, according to a report.

Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review, and deputy director Phil Krause are set to leave the agency this fall, with sources telling Politico that the two officials were at odds with the FDA’s top vaccine official, Peter Marks, and were discontented over the roles of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in decisions that they believed should be handled by the FDA.

According to trade publication Endpoints, the officials felt they were sidelined on major decisions, that the administration’s plan for boosters was jumping the gun, and that Marks should have pushed for the FDA to have more autonomy on the matter. 

I for one am amazed the FDA actually went against Big Pharma’s wishes on this:

Pfizer was like, “Yeah we’ve conducted a study and unfortunately our study has concluded that y’all need to buy more of our vaccines.” But surprisingly the FDA went against Pfizer’s wishes/demands.

I’m really wondering what the true reason is behind this vote. The whole “we need more data” excuse would be believable if they didn’t just roll out a brand new vaccine to tens of millions of people literally within 12 months of the origin of the very virus the vaccine was created to stop.

I’m sure the media is going to frame this as proof the vaccines are super awesome and effective, but Israel kind of ruined that for them.

Just for kicks, I went down into an extremely liberal and brainwashed corner of social media to see what they were saying. It was the replies section to a Brooklyn Dad tweet, and I honestly can’t believe these people are real:

Which is why Israel is already prepping for a 4th round of booster shots, but whatever.

A lot of these people really do worship Fauci. It’s bizarre, it’s nauseating, it’s a bit depressing, and it’s gotta stop. I know I’m a broken record with this but it really goes to show you the extent of the media brainwashing. These people don’t know Fauci at all. They see him on their televisions and phone screens, and that’s enough to convince them that Fauci is their lord and savior.

Just look at the way these people think. It’s like a whole different world:

“I want my third shot.” “I was looking forward to getting a booster in December.” “I’m going to be traveling, so I feel that I need it.”

These people are, for all intents and purposes, aliens to me.

“I don’t give a damn about the so called FDA. Come 8 months from my second dose, I’m getting a booster.”

“Don’t care. Taking it anyway. Inject that shot into my veins.”


But I thought they loved science?

Why aren’t they listening to the EXPERTS?

Is this really about SCIENCE, or is it about virtue signaling?

Is it that the more times you’ve been jabbed, the better a person you are? Is that it?

Or is it about succumbing to fear?

“There is hope that I can leave my house.”


I can’t believe these people are real.

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