“Follow The Science!”

Following the Science-Based Covid recommendations of Dawktuh Fauci is confusing:

A lot of you probably remember when Covid first started spreading, Fauci said not to wear a mask. You can see that in the video. He later “clarified” that by saying, basically, that he was only discouraging people from wearing masks because he didn’t want people to go out and buy up all the supply, which would have caused a shortage at hospitals.

And people just accepted it.

By that logic, he deliberately gave people incorrect and, according to his later remarks on the effectiveness of masks, dangerous health information. We were told we didn’t need to wear a mask, then we were told that if we didn’t wear masks we would be basically committing first-degree murder.

Why wouldn’t Fauci just say, from the get-go, that masks work but please don’t rush out and buy them all up because we need them for medical professionals? Or, why wouldn’t the government have bought up a ton of them to be used only by medical professionals? I doubt medical professionals are buying theirs from the same stores we do.

His explanation doesn’t make sense. By his own admission, he deliberately Spread Misinformation to the American public and told them masks don’t work when they really do.

How many Americans got Covid because of Fauci’s deliberate Spreading Of Misinformation?

How many died?

Now personally, I think masks are little more than cosmetic theater; a reassurance to the Fear Porn-consuming people out there that they’re “safe” and “protected.” The fact that bandanas and neck gaiters–which are not designed to protect your respiratory system at all–are allowed to be used as masks should tell you all you need to know. A real “mask-mandate” would be N-95 masks only, no exceptions. But we don’t have that. We have a “whatever you can get your hands on” policy, which should tell you the whole thing is a crock.

But I’m just going off of Fauci’s own words here. At first it was “You don’t need to wear a mask,” and then it was, “Actually jk you need to wear a mask or we’re all dead.”

One of them is a lie. Which is it?

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