History, as They Say, Repeats Itself

Look at these pictures of America during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. All that was old is now new again:

“You should willingly co-operate in doing this and not necessitate the passage of an ordinance which will make the wearing of a mask compulsory.”


Liberal white women never change, do they?

This colorized photo appears to show a smaller, trendier style of mask for the well-to-do.

This photo, which I found on Reddit, was captioned “Men arrested for not wearing masks in San Francisco.” Clearly the guy on the right doesn’t have a mask on, but I wonder what the guy on the left did.

Okay, here’s my favorite: they masked THE CAT:

As irrational as people have been today, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite as bad people putting a mask on A CAT. Did they use a baby-sized mask, or did they custom-make one for the cat?

Seeing all these pictures of people wearing masks in 1918 during a flu pandemic, what does that tell you about our use of masks today for Covid?

Now for some newspaper headlines:

Note the WW1 headline on the side “Huns being driven to frontier.” That’s what they called Germans during the war. Pretty hilarious honestly; just blatantly tossing around ethnic slurs in the newspapers.

The newspaper informing San Franciscans that masks are now compulsory.

Funeral ban, libraries closed, schools closed, churches closed, dancing bans (?).

It’s all happened before in America.

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