NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Explains Why He Won’t Get Vaccinated

The sports media has been making a fuss over the few remaining players in the NBA that refuse to get vaccinated, like Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving, Washington’s Bradley Beal, and Orlando’s Jonathan Isaac. Also, as of last May LeBron was unvaccinated, but I haven’t heard his name brought up by the Public Shaming Mob media, so it’s unclear at this point whether or not he’s gotten the shot. I doubt it, personally. If he didn’t have it back in May/June, it’s unlikely he has it now. Probably the reason the media isn’t attacking LeBron is because he runs the league.

Set aside for a minute the fact that it’s absolutely not any reporter’s business whether somebody does or does not get the vaccine. Also set aside the fact that, according to NBA Players’ Association President CJ McCollum, 90% of the league has gotten the vaccine–meaning that the actual number of unvaccinated players that are causing such a commotion is around 45, given 30 NBA teams and 15-man rosters per team. And of course set aside the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work.

The Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac was asked by the Public Shaming Mob why he won’t get the vaccine. He delivered an outstanding answer:

He pointed out that he’s already had Covid, and that his natural immunity to the virus keeps him safe–safer than the “immunity” any of the available vaccines could ever provide. He correctly points out that given his age and level of physical fitness, an adverse reaction to the vaccine is a greater risk to him than Covid itself. He also says that the hysteria and viciousness of the pro-vaccine crowd trying to force and pressure people to get vaccinated is off-putting.

But the main point he makes at the end is that it is his decision and his decision alone, not some reporters with God-complexes. Again, I’m paraphrasing–he says it all so much more calmly, thoughtfully and respectfully.

Good for him. This is a great answer. I’m sure the media will still find a way to trash him and ruin his reputation, because the media is full of despicable human beings who wake up every morning determined to make America less-informed, less-harmonious, and less-free.

But Jonathan Isaac is honestly a hero for this. People with his platform and celebrity simply don’t say this stuff. He’s courageous as shit for speaking the truth in a time where doing so will invoke the wrath of the government, the media and probably his employer, the NBA.

One last point: never forget the unmentionable truth underlying this whole freakout over who’s vaccinated and who’s not, which is that the vaccine doesn’t work.

Again, NBAPA President CJ McCollum pointed out yesterday that 90% of the league is vaxxed:

That comes out to about 405 of the 450 players in the NBA.

Broken down to a team-by-team figure, that’s an average of 13.5 players per team. NBA teams have 15 players.

So we’re talking about 1-2 guys at most per team who haven’t gotten the vaccine.

What’s the problem, then? If every team in the NBA has at least 13 out of 15 players vaccinated, then it shouldn’t matter if 1-2 guys choose not to get the vaccine. If the unvaxed players get Covid, then who on their team can they actually spread the virus to?

The problem is that the vaccine doesn’t work.

This is why they’re attacking and scapegoating the unvaccinated. Because their precious vaccine doesn’t work. There would be no need to “REEEEEE!” about the unvaxed Science™-Deniers if the vaccine actually did what the government and Pfizer promised us it would do.

I wish the pro-vax crowd was even half as angry about the fact that the vaccine doesn’t work as they are about people who won’t get the vaccine.

But this is the story of modern American politics in a nutshell: Americans getting mad at other Americans instead of the government/corporate elite that created this whole mess. They want the vaxed mad at the unvaxed, not at the fact that the vaccine they promised would let us return to normal doesn’t work.

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