America Is Now So Woke and Leftwing Even France Thinks We’ve Gone Soft

This is from an article in Newsweek entitled “Macron, France reject American ‘Woke’ Culture That’s ‘Racializing’ Their Country.”

After French President Emmanuel Macron recalled his ambassadors from the U.S. in the wake of a submarine deal with Australia that was torpedoed by President Joe Biden‘s administration, French media are now reexamining everything about America.

The latest target? “Woke” ideology.

One of France’s leading magazines, Le Spectacle Du Monde, ran a cover story titled “The Suicide of America.” The magazine blamed America’s retreat from Afghanistan on “a woke dictatorship” and questioned whether the American “empire was collapsing.”

In the same issue, an article faulted U.S. universities as islands of extremism, where even students’ Halloween costumes are policed, citing Yale University as a place where “offensive” costume-wearers were punished.

When even France says you’re too lib, you have a major problem.

But that idea of the “suicide of America” is bang-on. You can’t destroy America with an invading army or an explicit assault. It’s impossible. We’ve got two oceans separating us from anyone who wishes harm upon us. Our military, even as corrupted as it has been by woke generals, can still kick ass.

You have to destroy America from within. And that’s the point of all this “woke” stuff that has turned the young generations into blue-haired pansexual communists and turned the clock back on race relations to the 1950s.

Just think about it: if you were a hostile enemy nation and you wanted to destroy, or at least severely weaken America, how would you do it?

Well, first you’d want to sow discord and division from within. You take America’s diversity, which for many years was a strength, and turn it into a weakness. Instead of relative racial harmony, you provoke racial resentments and conflicts.

You promote political figures and political polices that will weaken America. And you corrupt the youth by promoting hatred of America, rather than pride. Well, maybe pride isn’t the right word. The young generation has “pride,” just not in America:

That’s all by design. You don’t just go from a historical norm of 2-3% of the population being gay to 17% in one generation. There’s a concerted effort by Hollywood and the Masters of Culture to make it “trendy” to be LGBT, and it’s aimed directly at the young generation, who are the most impressionable and receptive.

I’ve said it dozens of times before but it bears repeating: Leftism is America’s Achilles heel. It’s the downfall of this nation.

And now America is now too woke and leftwing for France:

In an interview with Elle magazine earlier this summer, President Macron said American-imported “woke culture” is “racializing” France and creating more division among minorities. Macron’s comments are seen by some as an attempt to cultivate moderate voters in France, as he is up for reelection in April 2022. The election is expected to be close.

Macron’s anti-woke sentiment is widely shared in his government, even by the delegate minister for gender equality and diversity, Elisabeth Moreno, a [b]lack woman born in Cape Verde, off the coast of western Africa. In a televised interview with Bloomberg, she praised the increased awareness on social issues, but rejected cancel culture because it can “kick out people from ongoing debates because they think otherwise.”

Notice the term “American-imported ‘woke culture.'”

We are exporting our cancerous wokeness to the world. As much as the rest of the world claims to hate America, there’s a hell of a lot of people in other countries obsessed with emulating American culture. What else could explain the BLM protests in France last year?

There was even a BLM “solidarity rally” in South Korea last year!

There are virtually no black people in South Korea. I went on the Wikipedia page for the Demographics of South Korea and did CTRL+F for “black” and “africa” and nothing came up.

The only explanation for a BLM rally in South Korea (and granted it looks like there are barely 50 people in that picture) is that American culture has a worldwide reach and influence.

And American popular culture, unfortunately, is wokeness.

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