Florida Covid Hospitalizations Down 81% in Last 45 Days Despite No Draconian Policies

The state-run media has had, not a “love/hate” relationship with Florida, but more of an “ignore/emphasize” relationship with Florida based on how the state is doing with Covid cases at a given time. When cases in Florida are spiking, the media’s narrative is “See what happens when you have a Science-Denying Republican Governor!?!?!?! PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!!!!!”

But when Florida is doing relatively well with Covid cases, the media simply ignores Florida and pretends it doesn’t exist, because the media insists that lockdowns, masks and forced vaccinations are the Only Way To Stop Covid.

This is why you don’t hear about Florida anymore:

The key part here is “with no new policy interventions, no vaccine passports and no mask mandates.”

I know this is hard to believe for liberal technocrats, their state media propagandists and the News Watchers out there, but the government is not all-powerful. As hard as it may seem to comprehend, not everything can be fixed with a government policy or program. A viral pandemic is one of those things.

But let’s take a closer look at the Florida chart, because it highlights what a lot of people I follow have been saying about the spiking cases in Florida:

The two worst waves occurred not in the winter, but in the summer months. The 2020 wave started in late June and tapered off by late September.

The current 2021 wave also began in late-June/early-July and is now tapering off in early October.

That’s because, while in the North, people are outdoors more in the summer and indoors more in the winter, it’s kind of the opposite in Florida: people are indoors more in the summer months and outdoors more in the fall and winter.

The heat and humidity in Florida during the summertime is so oppressive and miserable that people tend to stay inside and crank the A/C. But from October to March, the weather in Florida is awesome.

The media doesn’t understand this because most of the media is based in New York and Washington.

Covid spreads indoors. It doesn’t spread outdoors. So it logically follows that when people are cooped up inside their homes, you’re going to see a spike in Covid cases, and when they start spending more time outdoors, you’re going to see cases decline.

It also logically follows that we’re about to see a spike in cases in the Northeast and the Midwest as it gets colders.

I wonder what the media will say then.

Another point I want to bring up is the presence of the vaccine. The conventional media narrative is that everyone in Florida is an anti-vaxxer and that’s the reason cases are spiking there. “WELL IF THOSE IDIOTS WOULD’VE JUST GOTTEN THE VACCINE THEN NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING!”

Currently, according to Google, 66.1% of the US population has at least one vaccine shot, while 57% is fully vaccinated. On July 1, 2021, those numbers were 55% and 47.3% respectively.

In Florida, they are currently at 67.8% with one dose, and 58.5% fully vaccinated, meaning Florida is above the national average in terms of vaccines as of today.

On July 1, when cases began spiking in Florida, the state was 53.8% with one shot, 45.9% fully vaccinated. This means Florida was slightly below the national average back then.

Does it really make sense that Florida saw an outsized spike in Covid cases because they were fractionally below the national average in vaccinations? Of course not.

And, as we can see from the chart above, this current wave of cases in Florida was considerably worse than the wave it experienced in the summer of 2020, when 0% of the population was vaccinated.

Even if you’d counter by saying, “Well, a 45.9% vaccination rate isn’t going to stop Covid, it has to be at least 85-90%,” the obvious response to that is, “Shouldn’t the vaccine have at least helped somewhat?”

Even if herd immunity is 85-90% like the “experts” say it is, having 46% of your population vaccinated should at least help somewhat in mitigating the spread of the virus, right?

But it didn’t in Florida. In fact, the Covid situation in Florida was even worse after the vaccine was introduced.

I’m sure the fear porn consumers would respond that the summer 2021 spike would’ve been a lot worse without the vaccine, because that’s their last resort defense for the vaccine. But there’s no way of knowing this. It’s unfalsifiable. It’s unprovable. I don’t care what all the “experts” and their “models” say, there is absolutely no way they can prove that the Covid situation would’ve been worse without the vaccine. You cannot say “Well according to my model x number more people would’ve gotten Covid and x number more people would’ve died if there wasn’t a vaccine.” Models are not real life. Models are frequently wrong. And on top of that, I don’t trust the motives of the “experts” and their “models.”

The bottom line is that we now have Covid data for two full summers in Florida: one where 0% of the population was vaccinated, and one where 45.9% of the population was vaccinated (and of course that number increased by the day).

There were fewer cases during the summer where 0% of the population was vaccinated than there were during the summer where about half the population was vaccinated.

Now of course there are other factors here. People will say, “But the Delta Variant is more contagious!!!”

True. But what about the possibility that the virus only mutated into the Delta Variant because of the vaccines?

That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms, though.

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  1. mariafrank1 says:

    Florida will be in the limelight again when all the double jabbed and those who get the 3rd booster shot start being admitted to the hospital with blood clots, strokes, cardiac events, and getting the coof again despite being jabbed. I know people in Florida who have had both shots and now are getting flu shots. We should see the hospitals filling up again soon.

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