Washington State Fires Head Football Coach For Not Getting the Vaccine

This has been something of an ongoing saga for several months now, where Nick Rolovich, head coach of the Washington State Cougars football team, refused to get the vaccine way back before the season started. However, today was the deadline for him to either get the vaccine, be admitted an exemption based on religious grounds, or be terminated. His exemption was denied and he’s been fired:

When Nick Rolovich left the sideline on Saturday after Washington State’s come-from-behind win over Stanford, there’s a chance that it was the final time as the Cougars’ coach.

Rolovich has been seeking a religious exemption to Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandate that all state employees either attain fully vaccinated status by Monday or receive an exemption with accommodations, and he indicated after the game that he does not yet know his fate.

“I’m waiting on an email,” Rolovich said. “That’s as far as I know. … I’m going to come to work tomorrow, I’m going to get ready for BYU and we’ll grade this film. I don’t think this is in my hands. I’ve been settled for a long time on it. I believe it’s going to work out the right way.”

Right way, as in staying the coach?

“Correct. Or, if that’s not what (athletics director Pat Chun) wants, then, you know, then I guess I gotta move on. But I like being here, I like being the coach here, I love these kids, and I just got faith in it.”

You can just tell how much glee Sports Journalist Pat Forde has in reporting that someone has lost their job due to not wanting a vaccine for a virus that poses virtually no threat to him.

It’s really amazing how craven and subservient so many people are. They’re on the side of the government, rather than the one guy who lost his livelihood for refusing to comply.

“hElLuVa cArEeR mOvE, RoLo.”

Does Pat Forde not understand the concept of standing up for what you believe in no matter what?

No, probably not. He, like so many people in this country, just want to go-along to get-along, not rock the boat, and are deathly terrified of being seen as different.

Look at these comments:

Even if those rules are increasingly draconian and unreasonable.

I’m sure he said the exact same thing about Colin Kaepernick, too.

Yeah, good for Wazzu: you show that bastard what happens when you refuse to submit to the will of the state!

There’s so many more comments just like this one: That’s what you get for daring to disobey the government!

Imagine applauding an authoritarian state and still somehow thinking you’re on the right side.

At some point in the past 5 years, it stopped being cool to be a rebel. Now, the predominant mindset, at least on social media (which we must remember is not the same thing as reality), is that it’s cool to a subservient little bitch.

It reminds me of this scene from Family Guy way back in the day:

Now the guy who says “It’s Obeying All the Rules!” is the cool one.

Hey everyone, you know what’s cool? Trusting the government! Doing exactly what the government tells you and never questioning it at all! Banding together and shaming people who deviate from the government’s orders!


It’s like in 21 Jump Street, when they go back to high school as undercover cops and find out that the “cool kids” nowadays are all about caring for the environment and being sensitive:

“gOoD fOr wAzZu!”

You show that rapscallion what happens when he defies the government!

Do these people have any idea how lame they are? How pathetic they are?

They’re gleefully obeying the government’s every command and then socially shaming anyone who doesn’t.

I say it all the time, but these people would absolutely, 1000% have been the most die-hard Nazis imaginable if they were alive in 1940 Germany.

And they don’t even realize it, either.

They just want to be on the side that they perceive is winning. They want to be in what they perceive as the majority. They want to be on the same side as all the celebrities.

It’s not actually about the vaccine. It’s about fitting in. It’s about being on the side portrayed in the media as moral. It’s all virtue signaling.

They don’t know the first thing about courage or standing up for your beliefs. Because all the beliefs they have are promoted and rewarded by the government, the media, social media and corporate America.

It never occurs to them that guys like Nick Rolovich and Kyrie Irving are some of the bravest public figures in America right now because of their willingness to sacrifice their careers and reputations to stand up for what they believe in.

Wasn’t that Nike’s entire Colin Kaepernick marketing campaign?

They ate it up then because Colin Kaepernick was saying things they agreed with–or, more accurately, were brainwashed to agree with. “America Racist!” “America bad!”

Nike and its multi-million dollar ad campaign is fighting for justice! Colin Kaepernick is oppressed!

Sometimes I wonder if they ever stop and ask themselves, “How can I be one of the good guys if I’m on the same side as the government and the big corporations?”

But either that thought has never occurred to them, or they have somehow been convinced that the government and the big corporations are the good guys.

I think it’s mostly the latter, sadly.

And I think it has a lot to do with Donald Trump, or rather the establishment’s reaction to him starting in 2015.

Because Trump was the outsider, they portrayed him as the embodiment of everything that was bad and evil. Racism, anti-intellectualism, “xenophobia,” etc.

When Trump became President, he was picking fights with all the biggest institutions: the FBI, the UN, the WHO, the media, the intelligence community, corporations outsourcing jobs, etc. Suddenly, because Trump was calling them out for becoming corrupted, they all became the Good Guys, in the media’s telling of things.

Remember when Trump fired James Comey, and there was that clip of Stephen Colbert announcing it live on his show, and his audience started applauding wildly, and he had to be like, “No, no, no it’s a bad thing now. Comey is a good guy now. We like Comey now. Stop applauding, people.”

The audience had been told for months on end that Comey was the bad guy because he’s the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election. And they reacted based on that.

But once Trump fired him, Comey suddenly became the good guy.

That’s how it works.

In order to oppose the Fascist Dictator Nazi Hitler Nazi AJFLEDKJFDSPOIFSD, Donald Trump, one must show support for and allegiance to all the big Institutions. The FBI and the Deep State became the heroes; they became the Good Guys in the eyes of the News Watchers.

The Huffington Post ran this classic headline back in 2017:

“The Deep State is a Very Real Thing” and it’s totally freaking AWESOMESAUCE!!!! 😍😍😍

Man, I was always under the impression that the Constitution was created to limit the power of the President, but maybe I’m wrong.

New York Times said something similar in 2019:

The Deep State is Good!

I love how the New York Times acts as if the “deep state” of the 1890s is the same thing as it is today. And as if the intent of creating the “Deep State” is the same thing as the practical reality of it today.

Because nothing that was created by the government with the best of intentions has ever been corrupted, subverted and weaponized over the years. Of course not, that could never happen.

The point is, all this state-glorifying propaganda got people into the mindset that they should be willing to accept heavy-handed and even authoritarian government if it means addressing the latest hyped-up media boogie-man.

“I don’t care what it takes, we need to Stop Trump!”

“I don’t care how many people lose their livelihoods, we need to Stop Covid!”

That’s the mindset.

These people will willingly give up their freedoms because they’ve been tricked by the media into believing Covid is going to kill us all.

That’s who these people are at the end of the day. Anytime you see or hear someone out there applaud the government or a corporation for firing an unvaccinated employee, just know that’s what’s at the base of it: prioritizing safety over freedom.

That’s where we just have fundamentally different outlooks on life than these people do.

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