Can’t Make This Stuff Up, Folks

At first I thought it was just a Babylon Bee headline:

But no, it’s actually real:

China now has the capability of nuking anyone from space.

This is America’s response.

It’s over. We’re #2. It’s official.

China is #1 in the world and no one can deny it anymore.

They infected the whole world with the coronavirus–with Fauci’s help of course–and have not, and will not, be held accountable at all.

The only question now is, when do they put the rotten, decrepit American ruling class out of its misery?

Well, maybe never, given how well things have gone for China under this bunch’s watch. China’s got half of them in their pocket anyway as it is. And the other half are abetting and outright encouraging the spread of Terminal Wokeness, which has done more damage to America than China ever could.

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