Not So Useless, I Guess: Senate Republicans Block “Freedom To Vote Act”

As a general rule, anytime you see a bill with a name that nobody could oppose, it’s a terrible bill.

They do this on purpose. For example, the USA PATRIOT Act. Who could oppose the Patriot Act? It’s unpatriotic not to support it!

So when I saw the “Freedom To Vote Act,” it instantly set off the BS detector.

Normally these bills do the exact opposite of what their title indicates, and this one, as you’d expect because it came from the Democrats, is basically the “Let Democrats Steal Every Election” Act:

The Republican Party is garbage, but at least they were smart enough to block this bill. Probably because it directly affects their ability to get elected. They didn’t do it because they Care About The Integrity Of Our Elections. They did it because it affects them personally as politicians.

Same-day registration is a scam.

And permanent mail-in voting? The biggest scam of them all. That is literally a license to steal every election from this point forward.

Most of Europe banned mail-in voting long ago, and yet in America we’re–well, at least the Democrats are–trying to enshrine it into law permanently.

Mail-in voting in France has been banned since 1975.

I am happy the Freedom to Vote Act failed.

I am against the Freedom to Vote Act.

There, I said it.


This is exactly how the mind of a News Watcher works. They see the title of the bill and take it at face value. They don’t ever think past that point.

They never ask themselves why a Freedom to Vote Act would even be necessary in 2021. Are they under the impression that something like that is necessary? Did they have trouble voting? Did their voting experience in the 2020 election cause them to say, “Gosh, you know it’s just so darn hard to vote in this country.”

Of course not. But nobody trusts their own personal experiences anymore. We all know nothing like a Freedom to Vote Act is necessary in this country.

But people allow the media to fill their heads with lies. They allow themselves to be convinced we need a Freedom to Vote Act even if their lived life experience indicates otherwise.

We all know America is not a “racist country,” and yet millions of people over the past few years have been convinced by the media that actually, America from coast-to-coast is every bit as racist as Birmingham Alabama circa 1955.

It’s all Fake News.

Anytime you hear the Democrats talking about “expanding” the right to vote, you know it’s a total scam.

They stole the 2020 election using the excuse of Covid to implement mass mail-in voting (aka fraud), and now they’re trying to ensure they can steal every other election henceforth, even when they don’t have the Covid excuse.

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