Gov. DeSantis Triggers Brian Stelter


Uhhh, what’s your point here, Brian?

He acts like this is unprecedented territory. He acts like it’s self-evidently ridiculous–like all he has to do is just relay what DeSantis said and everyone will just instantly know how patently absurd it is to distrust the media.

And why does he put “corporate media” in quotes, as if it’s inaccurate? Is the US media not owned by a small handful of large, multinational conglomerates? Of course it is. We all know it. So why put “corporate media” in quotes?

I don’t think Brian Stelter understands that the word “media” has a seriously negative connotation to average Americans–i.e. those outside of his personal bubble.

“Hey, you guys! Everybody look: Ron DeSantis is on an Anti-Media Streak! Can you BELIEVE IT?”

Buddy, no one cares.

This dude has completely lost the plot. He acts like it’s 1965 and 90% of the country worships Walter Cronkite.

“Ron DeSantis just criticized the media, this is OUTRAGEOUS!”

The media does not get to play the victim card and act like they’re a persecuted minority. “Anti-media streak.” You know exactly what he’s trying to do there. He’s trying to slip himself and all his accomplices in with all the other protected minority classes.

Pretty soon it’ll be hate speech to criticize the media. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic–and now ANTI-MEDIA.

Imagine being this self-absorbed and out of touch with reality.

Brian: the majority of Americans agree with DeSantis.

Brian Stelter probably got into media because, at base, he’s a tremendous narcissist who loves to tell people what to do, how to think and how to live their lives. He wants the status of being a Respected Voice–an Authority. His show is called “Credible Sources,” after all.

But it ain’t 1965 anymore. Being on cable news is not a prestigious profession anymore. I literally have more respect for the local crack dealer than I do for someone like Stelter. At least the crack dealer is honest about what he’s pushing.

Unlike Brian Stelter and his cohort, the crack dealer does not have delusions of grandeur and act like he’s the Guardian Of All That is Good And Pure as he’s destroying lives and communities.

Brian Stelter and all of his cronies got into media expecting to be celebrated and given bouquets of roses. Instead he’s getting booed and people are pelting him with tomatoes.

And that really, really hurts his ego. He got into media thinking he was going to be the next Walter Cronkite. His word would be gospel, people would trust him more than their own mothers, and above all, he would be loved and respected by the masses.

But that ship sailed a long time ago, and I think deep down, Stelter knows it.

He just doesn’t want to accept it.

So, like any pathological narcissist Cry-Bully, he tries to play the victim card.

It’s slowly dawning on the legacy media that the American people no longer trust them, and in fact now actively despise them, and view them as the source of all our nation’s problems.

Why do you think the media all hate Trump so much? Sure, it’s because they’re libs, and they’re all told what to say by Higher-Ups pushing the Establishment agenda.

But a big part of it is simply that Trump was the first politician to seriously go after them and go to war with them.

And people loved him for it.

The media had a good thing going for a long time, and Trump ruined it for them.

Stelter sees DeSantis as another Trump–a threat.

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