The Hill: Vaccinated Just As Likely to Spread Delta Variant as Unvaccinated, Plus Majority in Poll Say Fauci Should Resign

Let’s start with this first:

People who have received COVID-19 vaccinations are able to spread the delta variant within their household despite their vaccination status just as easily as unvaccinated individuals, a new study published on Friday shows.

According to the study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, people who contracted COVID-19 had a similar viral load regardless of whether they had been vaccinated. The study further found that 25 percent of vaccinated household contacts contracted COVID-19, while 38 percent of unvaccinated individuals were diagnosed with the disease.

Researchers examined 621 symptomatic participants in the United Kingdom over a year.

“Although vaccines remain highly effective at preventing severe disease and deaths from COVID-19, our findings suggest that vaccination is not sufficient to prevent transmission of the delta variant in household settings with prolonged exposures,” the study said.

Obviously this means we must continue firing people for not getting the vaccine.

Let’s check in on the True Believers and see how they’re coping with this news:

“They always have been. So, from that perspective, it’s a success.”

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Vaccines have never been about immunity.

It’s a bit startling to see your fellow countrymen and women live out George Orwell’s 1984. After being at war with Eurasia for years, the Party suddenly flipped the script and said Oceania was at war with Eastasia, and had always been at war with Eastasia. And everyone believed it.

We are seeing it happen right now. At first, the vaccine was going to let us go back to normal. It was presented as a silver bullet against Covid. But now that that has been proven to be a lie, they’re saying the vaccine has never been about immunity, it’s always been about mitigation.

Because how can you disprove that? Someone with the vaccine gets Covid, and the spin is, “Well it would’ve been a lot worse if you were unvaccinated.” It’s unfalsifiable. You can’t prove otherwise.

To say that they’re moving the goalposts does not even begin to describe what’s going on here. The vaccine is, despite what they say, a black and white issue. Either it makes you immune from Covid or it doesn’t. There is no gray area here. Either the vaccines eradicate Covid or they do not.

They sold this vaccine to the masses as the same as any other vaccine: it will make you immune from Covid. You get the vaccine, you no longer have to wear a mask, you no longer have to worry about Covid. It was sold as being just like the measles vaccine and all the other vaccines we had to take as kids before starting school.

But it isn’t. Those vaccines work, this one doesn’t.

This is why the whole “are you pro-vax or anti-vax?” narrative is built on a lie. Being against this vaccine isn’t the same as being anti-vax in general. This vaccine is different. It’s not a real vaccine. Plus, what kind of vaccine requires a booster shot after 6 months?

We all know that’s not normal. We all know we didn’t need booster shots for the measles vaccine after six months. It was more like 6-7 years.

And yet for so many people, this did not set off any alarms. They still took the vaccine anyway, and a lot of them are going to just take the booster shot without questioning it, either.

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that a large number of Americans will just do whatever the government tells them to do without questioning it.

Now let’s shift to something more heartening: despite the fact that a large number of Americans are basically sheep who do whatever the government and the media tells them, a Hill poll found that a majority of Americans have now seen through the Fauci Facade and believe he should resign:

A majority of voters said President Biden‘s chief medical advisor, Anthony Fauci, should resign, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

The survey, which was conducted from October 26,27, found that 52 percent of registered voters polled felt Fauci should resign. 

By contrast, 48 percent of respondent said he should not. 

A June 17-18 Hill-HarrisX poll found that 58 percent of registered voters said Fauci should not resign, while 42 percent of respondents said he should. 

Even women, the backbone of the Fauci cult, have begun to turn against him:

Get this criminal out of here.

Resignation, though, would be letting Fauci off the hook.

He belongs in prison. And even that might be lenient.

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  1. mariafrank1 says:

    They should put him in a room with sand flies & Rottwelers after he receives a jab from each Pharma co. and all the boosters that go with it.

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