Virginia Governor’s Race is Tonight: It’s Happening Again

Virginia holds its gubernatorial elections in off-years, and governors are only allowed to serve one 4-year term at a time, but they’re allowed to run again later on. Terry McAuliffe was governor of Virginia from 2013-2017, and is now running for a second term against Republican Glenn Youngkin.

I haven’t really paid attention to the race because A. I don’t live in Virginia, and B. Elections are now basically pointless because the Democrats are just going to cheat to win them from now until the wheels fall off and America goes the way of the Roman Empire.

However, in normal times–i.e. times when Democrats aren’t blatantly cheating in every election–the VA Governor race is typically viewed as a way to gauge the nation’s response to the previous year’s presidential election, given that Virginia is typically seen as a “purple” or battleground state. Of course, we no longer have free and fair elections in America anymore, and Virginia is getting more and more blue over the years because of all the young liberals moving to Northern Virginia to work for the federal government and the various government-affiliated industries based on the DC area.

So it’s not clear how much we can really glean from the Virginia governors elections anymore.

Yet, about a half hour ago, Dave Wasserman, an election observer and analyst who publishes the annual Cook Political Report, called the race for Youngkin:

Decision Desk HQ has also called the race for Youngkin with 62% of the votes counted:

However, the Democrats in deep blue Fairfax county (just outside of DC) are already at it once again:

What a coincidence this is.

It’s Election Night 2020 all over again. The Dems in Fairfax are waiting to see how many votes their guy is behind by, and then they’ll “report” their totals.

It’s not even that I want the Republican to win. I don’t know a thing about Youngkin.

It’s that I just don’t want the Democrats to continue getting away with stealing elections.

UPDATE: Not today, you malevolent cocksuckers. Youngkin is the winner.

There will be no steal happening tonight in Virginia.

I didn’t even realize this but New Jersey is also having a governor election tonight and the Republican, who was a massive underdog, is actually in the lead right now over incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy, although there are still more votes outstanding (and I mean legitimate votes, not fraudulent votes, although I’m sure there are tons of fraudulent votes outstanding if need be).

Murphy has issued a statement:

They always say the same shit. They’re going to “wait for every vote to be counted.” And by that they mean they’re going to wait for all the fraudulent votes to be counted.

Isn’t it odd that McAuliffe said basically the same thing as well tonight?

They all say the same thing. It’s a little suspicious, no?

UPDATE 2: The more I think about this, the more the cynic in me wants to say this Virginia election was a sham. It was the first major election in the public spotlight since 2020, and because the Republican won, it now gives the Democrats and the media the excuse to say, “See? Elections aren’t rigged. Just relax, you crazy Republicans. Your guy Trump lost fair and square, now will you finally admit it?”

I really hope that’s not the case, but would it be so shocking if it were?

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