I wrote earlier that Biden still hadn’t issued his OSHA vaccine mandate for all companies with 100+ employees. However, they did release the details of this “rule” today (it’s not a law).

The most notable here is that it’s not “Jab or Job.” You can be unvaccinated, you just have to get weekly tests and WEAR YOUR DAMN MASK.

This is clearly a cave, though. Biden said it would be a vaccine mandate for employers, but it is not.

I think they now see the scale of the “worker rebellions” taking place in this country and realize that a true vaccine mandate would bring the economy to its knees.

Still, fuck them for this. Weekly testing? Mandatory masks? It’s clearly designed to inconvenience and stigmatize the unvaccinated.

And what is the policy on boosters? I see nothing about that in the press release.

Are those without a booster shot considered “fully vaccinated”?

How long until being double-vaxxed isn’t sufficient?

In response to the Biden Bullshit, a bunch of Republicans in Congress signed a letter saying they’re really mad about it, but don’t hold your breath. They’re not coming to your rescue. This Strongly Worded Letter is probably all you’ll get:

I know they’re invoking the Congressional Review Act, but they don’t have control of either chamber of Congress. Can they actually do this?

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