I was wondering when the Mainstream Media would come after Portnoy. For one thing, he’s way more popular and successful than any of them these days. The mainstream media is basically irrelevant these days, yet Barstool is bigger than ever. Not only is Portnoy eating their lunch, he clowns them every chance he gets. Second, he and Barstool represent “toxic” masculinity and bro culture, which the pencil necks and beta males, along with the mad-at-the-world catladies and feminazis, in the mainstream media absolutely despise with every fiber of their being. Third, Portnoy is close with Trump.


So you just knew the scoundrels in the media were going to come after him. It was inevitable.

Anyway, the Business Insider piece is behind a paywall, but the most notable excerpts are all over Twitter in the form of screenshots:

A story screenshot reads: Insider spoke with more than two dozen people with direct experience with Portnoy and Barstool, including eight current or former employees. Some women, as young as 19 who had no professional connection to Portnoy, recounted having sexually explicit online exchanges with him. Three of these women said they had sex with Portnoy, now 44, and that the encounters turned into frightening and humiliating experiences that have taken a toll on their mental health. Two, including Madison, said Portnoy both choked and filmed them without advance permission; another, who has had depression, said she was suicidal after the two had sex. And all three were afraid to speak out, fearing retaliation from the media mogul and his rabid fan base. This article uses pseudonyms chosen by Insider, which is aware of the women's real identities.
A story screenshot reads: He's ignited feuds with female journalists, like the ESPN sportscaster Sam Ponder, whom he told to stop posting pictures of her "ugly kid" and to "sex it up and be slutty" while she hosted the college football pregame show "College GameDay."

In 2010, Portnoy infamously wrote a blog post defending an Australian man who had been acquitted of raping a 24-year-old woman on the so-called skinny-jeans defense.

"I never condone rape, but if you're a size six and you're wearing skinny jeans, you kind of deserve to be raped," Portnoy wrote. The post has since been removed from Barstool's site, but just this May, Portnoy told the Fox News host Tucker Carlson there was only one part of that statement that he regretted. "I thought size 6 was like size 20," he said. "I had my, I had my measurements screwed up. I wasn't on top of that."
A story screenshot reads: Since 2020, Portnoy has issued commands on Twitter for his fans to "ATTACK!!!!" people who criticize him or Barstool, tagging an employee who was hired expressly for the purpose of harassing Portnoy's enemies.

In 2017, Portnoy publicly accused his ex-girlfriend Jordyn Hamilton of cheating on him with a SoulCycle instructor. Stoolies responded en masse, waging a harassment campaign not only against Hamilton but against SoulCycle. When Portnoy saw a message from SoulCycle's corporate office advising studio managers on how to deal with harassment from Stoolies, he tweeted: "Best way to avoid calling 911? Don't have your instructors fuck the girlfriend of the head of major media company."
A story screenshot reads: Critics of Barstool, both within and outside the company, told Insider there's a real risk to speaking out.

The online community of Stoolies, as Barstool's fans call themselves, have waged harassment campaigns against detractors. These have included death threats, doxing, online harassment, and targeting of people's families, friends, and workplaces.

Bob Murchison, a private-equity investor with no professional connection to Barstool, first began tracking Barstool's content in 2019 after it hired a radio host with a history of transphobic comments. Murchison, who has a transgender son, has taken it upon himself to privately warn advertisers of what he perceives to be the company's transphobic, misogynist, and racist content.

In 2019, a Barstool employee shared a tweet containing Murchison's cellphone number and email address; his home address was posted on fan-run message boards. In response, Stoolies sent Murchison death threats and packages (including on

“Privately warn advertisers” = subtly threaten them to discourage them from doing business with Barstool.

This is the more relevant matter in the article as it delves into Portnoy’s alleged sexual proclivities:


They’re trying to make it seem as if Portnoy only goes for young girls–he wouldn’t give the 22-year-olds the time of day but he responded to the 19-year-old girl.

Is it possible, though, that the 19-year-old girl was the only one who he thought was hot?

So “Allison” had consensual sex with Portnoy, would not characterize it as sexual assault, although she was just put off by the spitting in the mouth thing. Some people just get down that way, I don’t know. Spitting in mouths is not my thing, personally, but some people I guess enjoy it. Portnoy likes it, Allison did not.

There’s some other stuff from a girl they call “Madison” as well:

Again, some people are into choking. It’s not that crazy. But apparently, according to the article, the girl “Madison” told Portnoy she had a “rape fantasy”:

“Madison” also added that rape fantasies were “kind of common,” and I’m assuming she meant for women in general. That’s something to ponder.

The only thing I could see being possible trouble for Portnoy is the filming, but only if it was done in secret without the girls’ knowledge.

I am not sure what else is in the article. Again, it’s behind a paywall. That’s how you can tell Business Insider really cares about these women and Getting Their Stories Out.


They’re already hawking subscriptions to their website based off the Portnoy article.

The utter state of the failing mainstream media.

Portnoy’s response videos, posted directly to Twitter:

Portnoy addresses both allegations from the girls directly: the first one, who said she slept on his couch–that was due to a personal disagreement between them. Portnoy said they just didn’t get along as human beings; different worldviews, etc. They just weren’t friends. The two not having sex or sleeping in the same bed for the remainder of her stay had nothing to do with what happened when they did have sex, it was because they just disliked each other as human beings.

The second girl he discusses–“Allison”–is a more straightforward case. While the article makes it seem like Allison was scarred for life from her harrowing encounter with Portnoy, Portnoy has screenshots of DMs from her from after their encounter showing that she was still very much into him. It’s all there in the video.

The biggest point that Portnoy makes is that the Business Insider writer (can’t remember her name) knew what she was going to write before she even interviewed those girls. Her mind was made up before she even put pen to paper. She was determined to cast Portnoy as a scumbag and possibly a rapist/pedophile from before she even typed a word of that article.

And that’s how the mainstream media in this country works. It’s pure muckraking.

These “journalists” and “reporters” set out with a mission to destroy a particular person, and then let nothing–not even the truth–stand in their way.

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