I’ve been saying it for a while now but the mainstream media is finally admitting it:

AUSTIN/SEATTLE, Nov 2 (Reuters) – In Wichita, Kansas, nearly half of the roughly 10,000 employees at aircraft companies Textron Inc and Spirit AeroSystems remain unvaccinated against COVID-19, risking their jobs in defiance of a federal mandate, according to a union official.

“We’re going to lose a lot of employees over this,” said Cornell Adams, head of the local Machinists union district. Many workers did not object to the vaccines as such, he said, but were staunchly opposed to what they see as government meddling in personal health decisions.

The union district has hired a Texas-based lawyer to assist employees and prepare potential lawsuits against the companies should requests for medical or religious exemptions to vaccination be denied.

A life-long Democrat, Adams said he would no longer vote for the party. “They’ll never get another vote from me and I’m telling the workers here the same thing.”

The clock is ticking for companies that want to continue gaining federal contracts under an executive order by Democratic President Joe Biden, which requires all contractor employees be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 8.

That means federal contract workers need to have received their last COVID-19 shot at least two weeks before the deadline to gain maximum protection, according to U.S. government guidance.

With a three-week gap between shots of the Pfizer /BioNTech vaccine, workers must get the first jab by Wednesday. If the government holds fast to its deadline, it is already too late to choose Moderna’s vaccine, which is given in two doses four weeks apart. Workers could opt to get Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine until Nov. 24 to meet the deadline.

I’m sure some workers will give in and get the vaccine, but a lot of them won’t. If they’ve gone this long without getting the vaccine, it is because they have strong objections to it.

The mandate has stirred protests from workers in industries across the country, as well as from Republican state officials.

Opposition to the mandate could potentially lead to thousands of U.S. workers losing their jobs and imperil an already sluggish economic recovery, union leaders, workers and company executives said.

Yes, because The Economy is the real victim here. Absolutely right, Reuters. 🙄🙄

For Boeing Co in the United States, more than 7,000 workers have applied for religious exemptions and around 1,000 are seeking medical exemptions, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. That amounts to some 6% of the planemaker’s roughly 125,000 U.S employees.


At a rally last week outside Boeing property in Auburn, south of Seattle, many of the three dozen workers gathered in driving rain said they would rather be escorted off Boeing property on Dec. 8 than take a vaccine. Others said they would pursue early retirement.

“The mandate is illegal, immoral and impractical,” said one veteran Boeing program analyst who attended the rally. “We are standing together against a company and government trampling on our rights.”

Many legal experts have said vaccine mandates in the interest of public health are legal.


There’s that word again. It means shut up and comply. Because an Expert said so.

I wonder who’s paying those “experts”?

The rebellion has put Boeing executives in a bind. The company could lose skilled staff, but must comply with a presidential order.

Because Joe Biden is the biggest job-killer in US history.

A Boeing spokesperson said the company was committed to maintaining a safe working environment for its employees.

Okay, but what does the vaccine have to do with that?

Raytheon Technologies’ CEO Greg Hayes last week warned the U.S. defense firm will lose “several thousand” employees because of the mandate.

Honestly, while I’m never going to in favor of workers losing their jobs, if it hurts Raytheon, it’s not exactly a bad thing.

A group representing FedEx Corp, United Parcel Service Inc and other cargo carriers said it would be virtually impossible to have all their workforces vaccinated by the deadline.

This is the big one. If FedEx and UPS are under-staffed, everyone in the country will feel that.

Some companies have imposed vaccine mandates even absent immediate government regulation.

Mercedes-Benz USA, the U.S. unit of German carmaker Daimler AG which is not a U.S. government contractor, told employees in an October email seen by Reuters that proof of vaccination against COVID-19 would become a condition of employment beginning Jan. 4.

The carmaker said it implemented the move in anticipation of a separate U.S. government vaccine mandate that would apply to businesses with at least 100 employees, affecting some 80 million workers nationwide.

Less than half of the company’s workers at U.S. import processing centers are vaccinated and many refuse to get a shot, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Mercedes USA in a statement said it had given employees 90-day notice to fulfill the requirement, adding that two thirds of its U.S. employees – not including factory workers in Alabama – have provided proof of vaccination to date.

“We expect that the vast majority of our employees will provide proof of vaccination before the deadline,” the company said.

So Mercedes isn’t even a federal contractor, they’re just so libbed-out that they’re willing to basically commit corporate suicide because they just Fucking Love Vaccines So Much.

Hey, Mercedes: there has been no government vaccine mandate for businesses with 100+ employees. Biden announced one, but that’s all he did. He never implemented it. That’s why the Retuers article says “in anticipation of a separate US government vaccine mandate.”

Biden announced it back in September, but he has not implemented it.

Mercedes knows this, too. This is just an excuse for them.

Taking mask selfies while a nurse sticks a needle in your arm > manufacturing vehicles. I guess.

The worst part about all this is the people that say, “You won’t lose your job if you don’t want to.”

As in, just comply with the vaccine mandates.

This is how subjects think. This is not how free Americans think.

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