NYT Columnist Charles Blow “Mystified” That Southern States Have Low Covid Rates Despite Ignoring CDC

Pure gold. Inject it straight into my veins. I love everything about this tweet. It is perfect in every way:

Charles Blow exemplifies the type of ace journalism they’re doing over at the New York Times.

Fuckin’ paper of record, right here.

These NYT people are the best of the best, folks.

Has even a single original thought ever once gone through these media peoples’ heads, or are their thoughts comprised entirely of Deep State/Democratic Party talking points?

“These Southern states aren’t following the CDC’s Covid guidelines, yet they’re experiencing the lowest Covid cases in the nation! How could this be possible?!”

The thought never crossed this Einstein’s mind that it may be because Southern states have told the CDC to shove it. This would be a very dangerous thought for a liberal media type to have, however.

To suggest that the CDC may not be all-knowing and the foremost objective authority on Scientific Matters–why, that’s downright ludicrous!

More likely, Covid spread is determined more by seasonality than anything else–i.e. in the hotter, more humid summer months, people in the South are indoors more, but now, during the milder fall/winter months, people in the South are outdoors more. Covid spreads indoors, not outdoors. Even the libs know this.

This is why despite Alabama, Georgia and LSU cramming 100,000 people into football stadiums every Saturday, there is no outbreak of Covid down there.

The lib worldview is anchored in a belief that basically the government is God: it can do anything and everything. The only thing that prevents the government from delivering heaven on earth is those pesky, uncooperative Republicans who just want life to be miserable for everyone.

And so the libs believe that the vaccines and masks and social distancing will actually make a difference against Covid. They have to believe it. It’s a fundamental part of their belief system.

To admit that the government cannot stop a viral pandemic through Programs and Initiatives and Guidelines is to essentially admit that their supreme faith in the omnipotence of government is misplaced. And then the whole liberal worldview basically crumbles to pieces.

There’s a funny term called the Butterfield Effect, and it goes back a couple of decades to, coincidentally, another genius New York Times reporter named Fox Butterfield who wrote a number of hilariously naive headlines back in the 1990s such as the following:

“Number in Prison Grows Despite Crime Reduction”

“Crime Keeps on Falling, but Prisons Keep on Filling”

Butterfield failed to see the correlation between more inmates in prison and lower crime rates on the streets.

To become a liberal journalist, one must go through an extensive process of indoctrination that essentially shuts down the portion of your brain responsible for common sense.

“Why do we have to keep on locking up so many people? The crime rate is low and falling!”

I’m sure when Fox Butterfield was 10 years old, he could’ve plainly seen the correlation between more inmates and less crime, but over the years, as he became more “educated” and “enlightened,” he came to realize that putting people in prison–and, really, policing in general–is simply an Evil Scheme by Racist White People to keep black people down. As the Rolling Stones put it, “Every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners are saints.”

A few more gems like the tweet above and we might have to rename the Butterfield Effect to the Charles Blow Effect.

UPDATE: Libs on Twitter in Blow’s replies are *this close* to accidentally understanding the concept of herd immunity:



It’s true. The South is basically a barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland at this point.

It’s like fuckin’ Mad Max down there. Some Book of Eli shit.

Do Twitter Libs have any idea how out of touch with reality they are?

They’re so close to understanding, though. SO CLOSE.

They’re not all dead in the South.

They have natural immunity, which is the only way to actually get through and past this viral pandemic.

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