One of the Many Paradoxes of Modern Leftism: Being Anti-Cop While Also Being Pro-FBI

You remember the way they worshipped Robert Mueller and James Comey, and how Democratic Politicians demanded FBI investigations into any and everything imaginable.

Then you saw the masses of the left take to the streets, rioting, looting, burning and terrorizing in protest of police.

One of the many great paradoxes of modern leftism is how they somehow are able to fetishize the Feds (FBI, CIA, etc.) while harboring a poisonous hatred towards everyday, run of the mill cops.

Glenn Greenwald points out the left’s love of the Feds in regards to the recent James O’Keefe story:

And yet they will turn around and scream “ACAB” while hoisting a fist in the air.

How can this be?

Well, they have no principles. Zero. None.

All that matters to them is what will help them gain and maintain power.

They hate the cops because of the cops’ perceived racism, and they love the Feds because the Feds were going after Trump.

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