Kyle Rittenhouse Found NOT GUILTY on All Charges

The libs right now:

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Actually, let me rephrase that.

The libs right now:

Rioters, looters could lose unemployment benefits under ...

I’m expecting riots, but I do wonder if maybe the libs in government will clamp down on them a bit just because Trump is no longer in office. Last year’s riots were obviously a political psyop, enabled and encouraged by the Democratic Party. Now that they’re in power, are the riots really to their advantage? I guess it might juice up Dem voter engagement, so maybe they will let them happen again.

I just don’t understand why there would be riots over this Kyle Rittenhouse case, though.

The three dudes he shot were white:

They fucked around and found out.

And all of them were pieces of shit, too. Rosenbaum was even convicted of sex crimes with a minor under the age of 15, among dozens of other things on his rap sheet. In fact he actually sexually assaulted FIVE boys between the ages of 9 and 11.

Joseph Rosenbaum was an unbelievably fucked-up piece of shit.

The one on the right is the one who got his bicep blown off but survived. And apparently he isn’t a convicted felon, the graphic is wrong about that. At least according to the Snopes article linked above.

So what, exactly, is the “racial component” here?

Is it just because Kyle Rittenhouse is white and all white people must be deemed GUILTY or else it’s INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE OF WHITE PRIVILEGE AND SYSTEMIC RACISM?

Dude was in Kenosha during the riots, got attacked by a few scumbag pieces of trash, shot them in self-defense, and the jury recognized that. Justice was done here.

What exactly about the Kyle Rittenhouse case constitutes “white privilege”? He got acquitted because he was innocent, not because he’s white.

I prefer to live in a country where people who are innocent get acquitted, but that’s just me.

Is the argument really that America “owes it” to the black community because of “the legacy of slavery” to just start throwing innocent white people in jail?

Don’t take my word for it, either:

The people who believe Kyle Rittenhouse should’ve been found guilty just because he’s white and the legal system is “prejudiced” against black people, these are the people leading this country to ruin.

It’s giving in to blind rage and hatred; it’s primal, base and animalistic. It’s impulsiveness and emotional thinking. I apologize for the corny Star Wars reference, but it’s literally “giving in to the dark side.”

How does this make anything better in this country?

It’s letting your worst, most destructive instincts guide you. It will not lead to any sort of “justice,” only more division and violence.

But I don’t think a lot of these “racial justice” types actually want justice or equality. I think they want to be mad. They want to feel like victims.

And a lot of them just want to riot and loot and burn because they’re bored, and they know they can steal expensive things.

If you actually care about “justice,” you should be applauding the jury’s decision in this case. Because justice was done.

It’s still possible to believe the US justice system is racist and also believe that the jury made the right decision in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Why does it have to be one or the other?

We know the answer. Because people are brainwashed.

The elites want one half of the country to celebrate this outcome and the other half to be raging to the point of rioting and rampaging.

They want us divided. It’s their only means of maintaining control.

It’s so transparent that the elites’ goal is to divide the country over this:

No, dumbfuck, the only reason they’re not alive today is because they attacked Rittenhouse and got rightfully smoked for it.

They’re dead because of they’re dumb, violent pieces of shit.

Chalk up Billy De Blasio as another idiot who deserves to get slapped with a defamation lawsuit.

Over a year ago, Biden–or rather the person who controls his Twitter–called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist:

It’s so transparent.

Where exactly is a single shred of evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist”?

Doesn’t matter. He’s a white person, and he had a Big Scary Military Fully Semiautomatic Assault Shotgun Rifle Machine Gun. And he wasn’t on the side of the rioters and looters.

So he’s obviously a white supremacist.

Divide, divide, divide.

Well, the jury said he didn’t break the law, so….

And the firearm was legally-owned, so….

The people he shot and killed were attacking him and he acted in self-defense, so….


And people are really falling for it:

If Kyle Rittenhouse was black, then all the people currently wailing and gnashing their teeth would be celebrating.

Literally the only reason they’re not celebrating is because Kyle Rittenhouse is white.

The libs just assume if Rittenhouse was black he would not have been acquitted. They just assume it.

That’s where we are now.

“wEll iF KyLe rItTeNhOuSe wAs bLaCk…”

It shows you how brainwashed these people truly are. So complete and thorough is their belief in the idea of White Supremacy that they automatically jump to the “Well if he was black!”

They are enraged to the verge of rioting because they are assuming Kyle Rittenhouse would have been convicted if he was black.

It’s fucking absurd.

No, genius, he was scared because a bunch of violent marauders attacked him.

I guess you just lose your right to self-defense if you’re white and you have a gun.

You just have to let the violent criminals (including a pedophile) attack you, possibly even kill you.

Those idiots would still be alive if they didn’t try to violently assault a guy carrying an AR-15. That’s on them.

Yeah, okay. Look at the brainwashing that happened to this person in the bottom tweet. “ANYONE IN AMERICA WHO HAS A GUN IN PUBLIC IS A MASS SHOOTER!!!!!!!”

Even if they’re not, you know, actually shooting people.

Real smart, this one. A regular Albert Einstein. “GO UP AND ATTACK ANYONE CARRYING A GUN!”

And then we’ll all scream and cry for you on Twitter when you get smoked.

No, the person being attacked has the right to self-defense.

Even if they have a gun on them.

What does this even mean? Mass shooter? I don’t even–what is this guy even talking about here?

Does it even matter? These people can’t even put together coherent thoughts right now.


Yes, it’s called “Innocent Privilege.” It’s where when you’re innocent, and you go before a court, you get acquitted, because you’re innocent.

Shockingly, Matthew Yglesias somehow has a good take on the whole matter:

And this is all by design.


Okay, but the people who attacked Rittenhouse were white?

Are you considered black if you’re a white person protesting the “murder” of a black person? Do you get honorary POC status?

What, exactly, is the implication here?

You’re allowed to just assault white people if you’re protesting the “murder” of a black man?

How upside-down are these Online Libs that they’re seriously arguing this?

Apparently, Biden is done with his “routine” colonoscopy and he was asked by some reporters about his views on the jury’s decision in Kenosha. His answer was a bit surprising, although he might just be trying to cover his ass after what he tweeted last year:

At the end of the video, he says, “I’m looking forward to celebrating my 58th birthday.”

I’m sure the media will FACT CHECK that as “Hey, he was just joking around, chill.”

Or maybe he really does believe he’s 57.

I’m going to go ahead and give Biden the benefit of the doubt here and assume he was joking. People do this all the time. Someone who is obviously in their 60s or 70s gets asked, “How old are you turning?” And they go, “35!” And everybody laughs, ha ha ha, so funny.

The video cuts off right after he says “58th birthday,” but it does look like he cracked a little smile after saying it.

But it’s also true that people with dementia forget how old they are, and sometimes they’re off by decades. I’ve seen it happen before. It’s sad.

My take on the whole Rittenhouse situation is exactly the same as it was last year when it happened and the videos came out: he was acting in self-defense and should not face any legal punishment.

To the people saying, “But he shouldn’t have been there in the first place!”

He was asked to be there by local business owners who knew the police would not be coming to help them.

In a situation where a corrupt government is allowing violent rioters and looters to run rampant, vigilantism is not only acceptable but necessary.

I hope Kyle Rittenhouse sues them all into oblivion:

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