College Professor Indicted for Starting 4 Wildfires in California “Arson Spree”

The wildfires are caused by human activity alright:

The former professor’s name must be “Climate Change,” I guess. Otherwise the media is full of shit in saying these California wildfires are being caused by “climate change.”

Some details from CBS News (NYT behind a paywall):

A former college professor was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday for allegedly starting four wildfires in Northern California earlier this year that threatened to trap firefighters as they battled a massive fire nearby, federal prosecutors said. 

Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, took part in an “arson spree” near where the massive Dixie Fire burned in the Shasta Trinity National Forest and the Lassen National Forest, prosecutors said.

This is serious shit. These wildfires are massively destructive. People have died. Homes–hell, entire communities–are destroyed by these wildfires. The amount of wildlife killed or displaced, too–it’s awful.

They should lock this asshole up and throw away the key.

Maynard faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count of arson to federal property, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California said in a statement.

So 80 years in prison? That seems about right.

According to court documents, Maynard’s alleged arson spree included blazes he started in July and August behind crews fighting the Dixie Fire, which became the second biggest wildfire in California history, scorching more than 1,500 square miles and destroying more than 1,000 structures.

Federal prosecutors say Maynard, a resident of San Jose, set four blazes: the Cascade and Everitt fires, on July 20 and 21, and the Ranch and Conard Fires on Aug. 7.

Not only should he be charged with 4 separate counts of arson on federal property, he should be held responsible for every death caused by his wildfires and charged for separate counts of arson for every home or building his wildfires destroy.

The big question, though, is whether this guy Maynard was a “lone nut” or whether this is part of a larger conspiracy.

Did this guy just decide one day to start lighting wildfires all on his own? It’s possible he’s a “lone nut,” but does anyone really believe that’s all there is to this story?

The media and the Dems are and have been pushing this climate change narrative so hard that you really have to ask, to just what extent are all these wildfires a result of arson?

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