I have been out of town visiting family so I haven’t had much time to post on the blog, but I’ve absolutely been keeping up with my favorite memes, screenshots and tweets from over the holiday. I figured I’d just put them all in one place.

It would be funnier if it weren’t a depressing sign of the times.

But hey, at least we have to give Biden credit: the grocery stores had turkeys in stock for Thanksgiving.

Major, major political achievement if you ask me:

This is an accomplishment that will go down in history alongside the Clinton economic boom of the 1990s, the Reagan economic boom of the 1980s, and Nixon’s foreign policy.

Oh, yeah. Mhmm. “Bias.”

I’m sure.

No, the Establishment-controlled Wikipedia is about to delete the page about mass killings under communism (you can see it’s already in quotations in the headline, as if it’s a myth) because they don’t want people to know what lies down the road.

How long until it’s deemed “SPREADING MISINFORMATION™” to point out the fact that 100 million people were killed by communist regimes in the 20th century?

File this under “hell fucking no”:

Our insane ruling class is really trying to push a war with China, aren’t they?

The Neocons, who have been insane nuclear warmongers since the days of JFK and probably even beyond that, are seriously trying to sell us a WAR with CHINA over Taiwan?

I’m sorry, but Taiwan, you’re on your own. That beef is between you and China. It’s been 72 years since the Communists chased out the Nationalists in the Chinese Civil War. That is a matter to be settled between China and Taiwan. The US should have nothing to do with hit.

It is absolutely insane to suggest the US should go to war with another nuclear-armed nation over the island of Taiwan. Nothing against Taiwan, but we’re talking possible nuclear war here.

No thanks.

Plus, we’d get our asses kicked by China:

Our military brass seems to be more concerned with appointing trannies to leadership positions.

The never-ending Covid cycle:

It’s the ‘Omicron” variant we must all be terrified about now.

I never thought I’d say this, but Cenk Uygur actually gets it:

Could it be? Is it possible?

Might the libs actually, finally be starting to realize that the Democratic Party is not their friend?

As far as I’m concerned, this is literally the only way America gets spared from a full-blown revolution: if the left and right realize the true enemy is the establishment, and that the establishment’s main strategy for the past 40+ years has been to divide the nation and keep us fighting amongst one another.

Who is really selfish here?

They are so full of shit:

I’m just done listening to Democrats. I could not care less what any elected Democrat says about anything, ever again. They’re completely full of shit.

Also full of shit: the mainstream corporate media.

When a black man, radicalized by the media, who had previously posted anti-white screeds online plows his SUV into a crowd of people at a Christmas market in Waukesha, Wisconsin, presumably an act of “blowback” or “retribution” for the Rittenhouse verdict, the WaPo describes it as a “tragedy caused by a SUV.”

The SUV did it.

Was anyone driving the SUV? I don’t know, because one of America’s foremost newspapers won’t say.

An SUV caused a tragedy, though. That’s all we know.

We can totally trust the media to give us the full story, free of bias, censorship and spin.

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