Just kidding.

But apparently, the Experts and Scientists have found a new variant of Covid, originating in South Africa, and it’s been dubbed “Omicron.”

The W.H.O. announced its discovery of Omicron (previously called variant B.1.1.529) on November 26.

Joe Biden has announced a non-racist travel ban to South Africa and several other surrounding countries. It’s an extremely Not Racist travel ban, unlike Trump’s travel bans, which were Extremely Very Racist.

What’s interesting is this story that was published by Reuters on November 24:

Exclusive: South Africa delays COVID vaccine deliveries as inoculations slow, by Promit Mukherjee

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) –South Africa has asked Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer to delay delivery of COVID-19 vaccines because it now has too much stock, health ministry officials said, as vaccine hesitancy slows an inoculation campaign.

About 35% of adult South Africans are fully vaccinated, higher than in most other African nations, but half the government’s year-end target. It has averaged 106,000 doses a day in the past 15 days in a nation of 60 million people.

Earlier this year the programme was slowed by insufficient doses. Now deliveries have been delayed due to oversupply.

Across Africa, vaccination rates are lower than much of the rest of the world, with many countries struggling to secure enough doses. But some countries are now seeing rising supplies while vaccine campaigns are not gathering pace, such as Kenya.

Nicholas Crisp, deputy director-general of the Health Department, told Reuters that South Africa had 16.8 million doses in stock and said deliveries had been deferred.

“We have 158 days’ stock in the country at current use,” a spokesman for the Health Ministry said. “We have deferred some deliveries.”

They did not say when deliveries would now take place.

Translation: South Africans don’t want the Covid vaccine.

And now they’re being punished.

Jordan Schachtel calls it “Pfizer Colonialism”:

No doubt.

Africa is by far the least-vaxxed continent on the planet, and that just cannot be permitted.

Schachtel also warns Americans about how the government is going to use Omicron to take away more of our freedoms:

At first they’ll say, “Don’t worry, Omicron is mild, we don’t need to go into lockdowns, we don’t need any new restrictions.”

But then they’ll say, “Whoa, this Omicron variant is a lot more dangerous than we previously thought. No choice but to go back into lockdown and be more aggressive with vaccine mandates!”

They’ll act like they have no choice.

They’re already doing it in Israel:

It’s just temporary, though.

Of course, the Covidiots are all terrified of OMICRON.

They’ll welcome all the draconian measures, I’m sure.

“No! They didn’t fail! It would have been a lot worse without the measures we took!”

That’s always their go-to defense.

The thing with these variants is that they’re probably being caused by the vaccines. Why do you think heavily vaccinated places are experiencing surges in Covid cases? Because the virus mutates specifically to find a way around the vaccine.

Plus, variants are a sign that a viral pandemic is weakening, not growing stronger. The virus is encountering more and more resistance as more people develop natural immunity, and variants are a virus’ desperate attempt to survive and prolong its life.

People have this idea of variants as new and improved versions of a virus, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes the variants can be more contagious, but usually not more deadly.

Look at the chart of global Covid deaths since March of 2020. Every new wave starting this year sees fewer and fewer deaths than the last:

Even with the new variants, the virus is getting less deadly with time.

The real question pertaining to all these variants is why does the media and the government spend so much time talking about them?

It’s not as if any policies will change. No matter what variant, the policies are always the same: masks, lockdown, GET YOUR VACCINE SHOTS, DAMNIT!

It’s all based on fearmongering.

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