It’s Not Right vs. Left. It’s Truth vs. Lies

The slant of this website is undoubtedly to the right, at least as most people understand the term: e.g., pro-Trump, anti-vaccine mandate, anti-Covid panic, anti-Biden, anti-Fauci, anti-Democrat, etc.

But that is only incidental. In no way do I consider myself a “conservative” or “on the right.”

I completely reject those labels as well as the traditional left vs. right dichotomy. Those labels, and that dichotomy, exist to divide the general public into warring factions.

To show that I’m not a conservative, let’s go over 5 major points on which I strongly disagree with conservative orthodoxy:

  • I have gone on record on this site and said that Ronald Reagan, the mythical hero of the Conservative Movement, left a disastrous legacy on this country with his “pro-business” policies. He unleashed corporate America, and the megacorporations that currently control virtually every aspect of our lives were all enabled by Reaganomics.
  • I have gone on record on this site and said I believe capitalism has a “shelf life” of about 80-100 years and that it needs to be cyclically “reset” from time to time. I will be clear about what I mean by “reset”: I want every single last company in the Fortune 500 to be broken up into about 50 pieces each. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Ford, John Deere, Exxon, Home Depot, Walmart, Pfizer–I don’t give a shit. Break them all up. It happened to Standard Oil way back when, and it needs to happen again today, only a much larger scale.
  • In contrast to most “conservatives,” I do not hate Muslims at all. In fact I think most conservatives have been brainwashed by the pro-war media into hating Muslims for the past 20 years. Once I stopped believing the official narrative about 9-11, it became abundantly obvious to me that it was irrational to hate Muslims, and that any subsequent Islamic terror attacks (which were also used to further justify American hatred toward Muslims) were carried out by radicals and in direct retaliation to America’s evil and imperialistic foreign/military policy in the Middle East. The 1.6 billion Muslims of the world should be our friends, but our ruling class is apparently determined to make them our enemy, for example by drone-striking and killing 10 civilians in Afghanistan and then brushing it off as a “tragic mistake.”
  • I think the US should immediately cease all military operations in the Middle East, and offer a formal apology for all of our meddling and malfeasance in the region dating back not just to 2001, and not just to arming Osama Bin Laden in the 1980s as he fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, but all the way back to the CIA’s involvement in the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953. Everything. I know an apology doesn’t even begin to heal the damage America has directly inflicted upon the people of the Islamic world, but I am also sure that people in the Middle East have had enough of America and our “help” and “interventions.” We need to leave them alone and stop turning their countries into war-torn hellscapes.
  • I am also not “pro-cop” by any stretch. It’s not because I think the cops are “racist” or anything like that, although I’m sure some cops in this country are. It’s not because I hold them to unrealistic expectations. It’s simply because I do not believe the cops are “on our side” just because the libs hate them. The cops are not on our side. If and when the Democrats command them to go door to door to enforce vaccination mandates and demand papers, they’ll do it. It’s already happening in Australia: the cops are the enemy of the people there. If and when the Democrats demand them to go door to door to confiscate guns, they’ll gladly do it. It’s not that I think all cops are bad people by any stretch, it’s that I just believe, ultimately, when it really comes down to it, the cops are going to act in the best interest of their livelihoods and their pensions, and will do as they’re told, no matter what it is. Did the cops revolt against the Soviet communists as their country slid into totalitarianism? No. Did the cops save Germany from the Nazis? No. To my knowledge, there is not one example anyone can point to of the police force of a nation standing up against tyrannical leaders and protecting the people. Sure, the cops in Berlin allowed the protesters to bring down the wall back in 1989, but that was only after 70 years of crushing totalitarian rule, and the cops only stood aside because they were vastly outnumbered by the protesters. The fact is, in every dictatorship in history, the cops have been the enemy, not the ally, of the people; and the enablers, rather than the inhibitors, of tyrannical rule. The police always side with their paymasters.

Now, I generally agree with “conservatives” on a lot of things, but on these 5 major points, I am in strong disagreement with “conservative” orthodoxy.

And this gets to the main point I’m making here: it’s not about ideology anymore. The fact that most of the stuff on this website aligns with the “right” as it is popularly understood in America is incidental.

I care only about the truth, and if that means I am generally more aligned with the right, it’s because the right is generally more aligned with the truth than the left, at least as far as I can tell.

Politics in America today is not really politics at all: it’s truth vs. lies.

There are a lot of people who were previously considered to be on the left that are now considered on the right, notably Tim Pool, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and Michael Tracey. I’m sure there are many others, but those are the biggest names that immediately come to mind.

Why have those guys now, seemingly suddenly, switched sides? Did they all adopt entirely new worldviews and ideologies overnight?

No. The reason they’re now seen as being “on the right” is because they simply value truth over party line and ideology. Their pursuit of the truth has caused them to be ostracized and rejected by the blue checks and the mainstream media, but they don’t care. Glenn Greenwald even resigned from the Intercept, a news website that he himself founded, because, as he put it “The Intercept’s editors censored an article I wrote, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.”

Greenwald further wrote:

“The current iteration of The Intercept is completely unrecognizable when compared to that original vision. Rather than offering a venue for airing dissent, marginalized voices and unheard perspectives, it is rapidly becoming just another media outlet with mandated ideological and partisan loyalties, a rigid and narrow range of permitted viewpoints (ranging from establishment liberalism to soft leftism, but always anchored in ultimate support for the Democratic Party), a deep fear of offending hegemonic cultural liberalism and center-left Twitter luminaries, and an overarching need to secure the approval and admiration of the very mainstream media outlets we created The Intercept to oppose, critique and subvert.”

In other words, it was about truth: Greenwald was committed to the truth, the Intercept is now primarily concerned with pumping out Democratic Party propaganda.

We now live in an era of widespread lies–from the politicians, from their lapdogs in the media, from corporate America, etc.

I have long said that the real divide is top vs. bottom, not left vs. right. It’s the elite vs. the masses, but the elite has tricked the masses into quarrelling with one another, rather than training their righteous anger at the elites with their lies and propaganda.

But if there is a real divide among the citizens this country, it’s between those who believe the lies and those who do not.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of “questions” that currently divide the American people, but which have simple and objectively provable answers that are obscured or outright lied about by the media and the government:

  • Whether Covid is truly dangerous or not.
  • Whether the vaccines are truly safe and effective, or not.
  • Whether a vaccine mandate is necessary or not.
  • Whether kids under the age of 11 need the vaccine.
  • Whether masks work or not.
  • Whether lockdowns work or not.
  • Whether those with natural immunity to Covid should be exempt from vaccine mandates or not.
  • Whether Anthony Fauci is a trustworthy expert or not.
  • Whether Kyle Rittenhouse is a stone-cold murderer, or was merely acting in self-defense.
  • Whether it was an “SUV” that was behind the tragic vehicular rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin, or a person driving an SUV.
  • Whether the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump or not.
  • Whether Joe Biden is mentally fit for office or not.
  • Whether last year’s “protests” were truly peaceful or not.
  • Whether BLM or “white supremacism” is a bigger terroristic threat to the country.
  • Whether police killings of unarmed black people are an epidemic in this country or not.
  • Whether “systemic racism” exists or not.
  • Whether there are dozens of different genders, or just 2.

There are certainly plenty more, but these are the main questions that come to mind.

None of these questions regard ideology. They’re not philosophical debates.

They are black-and-white questions with objective, definitive answers, and we can find the answers if we so desire.

The reason they are instead considered “divisive issues” or “hot-button topics” is not because they are subjective questions with no concrete or “true” answer, but because the media and the government have blatantly lied to the public about them.

They are matters of truth vs. lies. It’s that simple.

All those questions have definitive answers, and you can find those answers if you think for yourself and look beyond the mainstream media.

And that’s why I say this is not about politics anymore. It’s not a matter of left vs. right.

It’s a matter of truth vs. lies.


  1. Larry K says:

    I was just browsing Substack with an eye to joining as a contributor and ran across this. I love your approach, and if i throw in my content would be very similar and from the same perspective; discriminating logic from the illogical. Objective facts from speculation and unfounded inferences. So….if I don’t join you as a colleague, keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks! If you’re interested in becoming a blogger, I’d say just go for it. We need more good people speaking out.

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