Jesse Kelly: What if the Kyle Rittenhouse Story Was Flipped?

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Jesse Kelly@JesseKellyDC·Walk with me through a little made-up story: Let’s say there was a big Pro Life rally in Detroit. But it got way out of hand and those pro-lifers started looting and burning things. It had gone on for days. A black #BlackLivesMatter guy shows up in Detroit with a weapon.

He stands guard at one of the car dealerships the pro-lifers want to burn. Suddenly, those pro-lifers attack him. On camera. Keep in mind this is all captured on camera. He uses his weapon to defend himself and two pro-lifers end up dead.

Now, pause this story for a moment. How is this man handled? Let’s just skip right past the “wouldn’t be charged” obvious stuff and think about how he’d be handled. Book deal? No question. Court side seats as LeBron’s guest at a Laker game? Definitely.

Fluffy interviews on almost every news station. Almost undoubtedly would be drafted to run for office. He’d speak at the next DNC convention. They’d build him a statue. Or two.

But let’s just say for the sake of argument that he IS put on trial. And he gets acquitted. And let’s say in this scenario that we had a Republican President. And this GOP president had made several statements about “out of control black nationalists”. Naming this guy.

And let’s say in the wake of the trial, every major Right wing news outlet continued calling him a racist black nationalist and warning about all the anti-pro-life bigotry out there. And this goes on for a couple days.

And then, some crazy, violent white guy with a Facebook avi showing him in a MAGA hat gets in his pickup truck and mows down 50 black people in a parade. Multiple dead.

Take a moment, an honest moment, and tell me what would have happened by now. Imagine the media coverage. It would still lead every program. The Republican president would be impeached over it. Don’t argue. You know he would.

There would be congressional hearings already scheduled. The FBI would already have multiple people in custody. Friends and family members of the killer would be fired already. Their children wouldn’t be able to attend school.

CNN would have a news crew on his mother’s lawn. City after city would be up in flames from the rioting and looking. Multiple people would be murdered in the chaotic aftermath that followed.

I’m not wrong about any of this. In fact, I’m probably underselling it. I could see Democrat-controlled areas flat-out criminalizing wearing GOP gear.

And I didn’t lay all this out to show hypocrisy or double standards. That’s a waste of time. Everyone knows that already. I laid this all out so you could see just how powerful The System is.

The things they do to protect the people viewed as being on their side are endless. The things they do to destroy anyone viewed as an opponent are endless.

Remember this made up scenario the next time some communist whines about “dangerous rhetoric” or snarky jokes. Remember it well. We are not playing the same game. Not even close. They’re playing to win. We’re doing “politics”.

That’s all.

Exactly right. The Democrats do not give a shit about politics. They play to win. This is why they resort to outright crimes in order to maintain their grip on power.

They spent most of 2020 looting and burning down every major American city and then turn around and brand “white supremacists” as the preeminent terrorist threat in the country.

And people don’t even bat an eye over it all because, well, all that rioting and looting and burning is justified, you know, because America is Racist.

Stop thinking of the Democrats as a political party attempting to compete in the marketplace of ideas. That stuff is a facade. It’s all about getting and maintaining power. Every single thing they do is about power.

The Democrats are better thought of as an organized crime syndicate. Once you stop viewing them as a political party and start viewing them as a gigantic mafia-esque criminal enterprise, things start to make sense.

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  1. Maria says:

    Excellent article. I totally agree the Libs are gangsters that only get what they want because they are straight up bullies who know that MSM & certain social platforms have their back. The peasants who oppose these bullies have no recourse. It’s like having a nightmare where you try to call out for help but no words come out and nobody comes to save you.

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