The New Twitter CEO Seems Like a Reasonable Fella

Today, Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced his resignation from the company:

The new CEO will be a man named Parag Agrawal, and he seems like a reasonable and impartial guy committed to free speech and intellectual debate:

Great. Another far-left elite ideologue.

It gets even better:

Imagine thinking you’re “bound” by the First Amendment.

That whole free speech thing? It’s really cramping my style, bro. Really raining on my parade, man.

Twitter is cooked.

I wonder if Jack Dorsey was forced out, honestly.

His bio on Twitter reads simply, “bitcoin” and earlier this year he tweeted out a link to “Anatomy of the State” by famed 20th century “anarcho-capitalist” / libertarian Murray Rothbard.

I bet Dorsey was forced out. By no means has Dorsey been great on the matter of free speech on his platform, but then again, it’s not as if he’s the one going through every individual tweet and account and banning and censoring people. There’s a whole department that does that, and it’s probably infested with radical and insane leftwingers.

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