26-Year-Old New Zealand Man Dies 12 Days After Pfizer Vax

Via the Daily Mail:

A fit and active 26-year-old man has mysteriously died with fears he may have suffered fatal side effects 12 days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

Rory James Nairn, 26, had heart palpitations for several days before collapsing to the floor of his Dunedin home in New Zealand on November 17.

His distraught fiancée Ashleigh Wilson is desperately searching for answers after the ‘traumatic’ ordeal and says not knowing what happened is ‘frustrating’.

‘I watched him die and I could not get to him. We were about to leave for the hospital and he was in the toilet and I heard a thud,’ she told the NZ Herald.

‘He had fallen, his body was blocking the door, his full weight was against it and I couldn’t get it open.

‘I could just see him through a crack in the door, I could see that he was gone.’

Ms Wilson, who is vaccinated, said no matter what the post-mortem results show, the public should be more aware of the potential side effects so they know to seek help immediately.

She said the risks are all a bit ‘blasé’ with only a small pamphlet handed out after getting a shot.

After getting the shot?

Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of warning people about the side effects?

Of course, but it’s all by design.

These vaccine companies have already been given immunity from the government. You can’t sue them if you experience side effects, and your family cannot sue them if you die from the side effects.

And this policy is still in effect. It’s in effect until 2024. It has not been nullified as a result of the FDA’s approval of the vaccine. The vaccine makers still have blanket immunity until 2024. And you can’t sue the FDA for approving the vaccines, either.

It was Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, who gave the vaccine makers this immunity. So ponder that one.

Mr Nairn started feeling ‘heart flutters’ on the evening of November 5, the same day he received the vaccine.

‘We put this down to stress as we were in the process of selling and buying a house and planning a wedding,’ Ms Wilson posted on social media.

The symptoms continued and 12 days later, he started to suffer heart palpitations and an ‘uncomfortable’ feeling in his chest.

‘We finally decided to head to the hospital at 3am for reassurance,’ Ms Wilson said.

‘Within moments, Rory went into cardiac arrest and died instantly in our home.’

Paramedics who arrived at the scene moments later tried desperately to revive Mr Nairn but after 40 minutes he was declared dead.

‘He was 26 years old, with no pre-existing medical conditions. He played rugby, went diving and hunting on the weekends, worked hard as a plumber, and had his whole life ahead of him, Ms Wilson said.

‘We had our whole lives ahead of us!’

I have no idea why a perfectly healthy 26-year-old would even want to get the vaccine, given the extremely low odds of him dying, or even being hospitalized, from Covid. Alas.

While his cause of death remains undetermined, it is suspected the rare condition myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart, may be to blame.

Myocarditis is a rare side effect which has been observed in patients after receiving mRNA jabs like Pfizer and Moderna. 

Health officials revealed a NZ woman died from the condition in August just days after getting the jab.

‘In Australia, myocarditis is reported in 1–2 out of every 100,000 people after receiving the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine,’ the Therapeutic Goods Administration said.

‘Cases typically occur within 10 days, and usually resolve after a few days following treatment and rest.

This makes it seem like Myocarditis is no big deal. It is a big deal, and the long-term survival rate is not great.

‘While it is more commonly reported in young men and teenage boys after the second dose (five to 11 cases in 100,000 people), it remains rare.’

Okay, but it’s also very rare for a healthy young man or a teenage boy to die or be hospitalized from Covid, so what, exactly, is the upside here in getting the vaccine?

Despite the risk, the TGA warned: ‘Myocarditis is seen much more commonly in people who become infected with Covid-19 than in people who are vaccinated.

Huh? Are they trying to say Myocarditis is a side effect of Covid rather than of the vaccine?

If that’s the case, why haven’t we heard about all these cases of Myocarditis in unvaccinated people for the past 2 years? Why didn’t we hear about them all throughout 2020, before the vaccine came out?

And what is with this sleight of hand, attempting to draw a false dichotomy between people who’ve had Covid and people who are vaccinated, as if there’s zero overlap between the two? There is in fact a large degree of overlap between the two groups given that the vaccine does not prevent you from getting Covid.

The bottom line here is that the vaccine makers do not care about you. They do not care about the people who die from vaccine side effects. That stuff doesn’t matter to them at all.

The vaccine makers are thinking on a scale of billions of people, and those billions of people translate into many billions of dollars. What do the vaccine makers care if a few people die from the vaccine? They view us in terms of statistics, not as individuals.

They vaccinate 50 million people, what do they care if 10 people die from the vaccine? Or even 50 people. Or 100 people. Or even 1,000. What does that matter to them?

Even if a million people around the world die from vaccine side effects, the vaccine makers really don’t care. There’s 7.8 billion people in the world. A million people is a rounding error to them. They don’t care.

They have blanket immunity, after all. They can’t be sued by anyone for adverse reactions to the vaccine.

This is why the whole vaccine situation is so terrible: they’re trying to force us to get the vaccine while at the same time saying, “If you get this vaccine, you do so at your own risk.”

Who in their right mind would accept a proposition like that?

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