It’s the UK, but how long until US “authorities” are saying the same thing?

A decade?

Or longer?

Can we honestly live like this for another decade?

Haven’t they made enough money off the vaccines already?

This is how you get overthrown.

I’m sure it’ll hit a breaking point where even the most brainwashed, terrified Karens and Covidiots will say, “Enough is enough.”

At least I hope. I’ve lost a lot of faith in these people over the past 2 years.

You’d hope after, I don’t know, the 9th booster shot, people will start to get sick of being on the Covid Treadmill.

That’s what a decade of Covid vaccines entails, right? If the booster shots are every six months, that’ll mean people need at least 22 shots over the course of the next decade.

We cannot live like that.

People are going to start fleeing the UK eventually. They’re not going to put up with this shit.

It’s not all that surprising they’ve been able to milk this bullshit for almost 2 years now.

But there’s no way they can milk it for 10 more years.


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