The Vaccine Mindset

I’m against the actual policies of the vaccine mandate. 

But what I realized is that, at the core of it, I’m against the mindset of people who are eager to get the vaccine. I’m against that entire worldview. 

I’ve gone over before how these people blindly trust the government and big corporations, and are by this point no different than cattle. 

But on an individual level, my resistance to the vaccine is more about my dislike of the “pill popper” culture in this country. 

Got anxiety? Pop a Xanax. 

Depressed? Get on Prozac or Zoloft.

Back pain? Take painkillers.

There are tens of millions of people in this country who, whenever they start feeling sick, just take a drug or a pill.

So many Americans simply have no hesitation at all to ingest or inject whatever Big Pharma is offering.

And I’m simply not one of them. I am not a drug person. I don’t like the “pill popper” mindsets.

People watch the news. They hear about the Deadly Coronavirus. They’re afraid. Then they hear that there’s a Vaccine out, so without any hesitation or skepticism, they go and get the Vaccine because Anthony Fauci says they need it and it’s Safe & Effective™.

Did they need the vaccine at all, though? For most of them, the answer is a resounding “No.” Even if we completely ignore the fact that the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid, most of the people rushing to get the vaccine have virtually no chance of dying of Covid in the first place.

You can go to this website and it’ll tell you your odds of dying from Covid. Chances are, those odds are very, very low. And the website is probably under-selling it, too.

Look, if you’re really afraid of Covid, and you’re in a high-risk cohort, then maybe you should get the vaccine. Maybe it’ll help you and lower your odds of dying. There seems to be some evidence out there that it does lower your odds of dying compared to an unvaccinated person.

(Although I have heard that even if you’ve been fully vaccinated, and you die within 2 weeks of your second shot, you are still considered “unvaccinated” in terms of official statistics. You count as an “unvaccinated” death statistic, which the CDC then uses to say, “See? Unvaccinated are way more likely to die!!!” Plus, I’m sure it won’t be too long before they change the definition of “vaccinated” yet again to mean only people who have gotten the booster shot, meaning if you’ve been double-vaxxed for more than 2 weeks and die of Covid, I have a feeling they’re going to start counting that as an “unvaccinated” death–because, after all, you’re not fully vexed unless you’ve gotten the booster!)

But if you’re not in a high-risk cohort, then why are you getting the vaccine?

You have no reason to be afraid of Covid. You’ve simply been lied to and misled by the “experts.”

If you truly are afraid of Covid, why not get in shape, eat healthier and for God’s sake get some vitamin D exposure?

Because the vaccine is easier, and more convenient, of course. It doesn’t require you to make any lifestyle changes or reevaluate your diet and exercise regimen.

Plus, if you don’t get the vaccine, then you’re not going to be able to virtue signal about it on social media.

You’re not going to Fit In With The Crowd. People will think you’re “weird” or a kooky Trump-supporting conspiracy-theorist. Your Karen friends might not talk to you anymore.

And that’s what really terrifies people.

But that’s a conversation for another day.

The real reason I can’t stand this Vaccine Cult mindset is because it’s just the latest iteration of the Pill Popper mindset.

It’s this belief that Big Pharma has the answer to everything that ails us. It’s the belief that the only thing standing between you and perfect health is a pill or an injection.

What it really is, is a complete failure, or maybe even an unwillingness, to think for yourself.

Look, the core difference between Us and Them is that they trust the government, and we don’t.

They trust Big Pharma, we don’t.

That’s really what it is.

You get into arguments with these people on social media, and in real life, and they throw at you all these CDC studies, FDA studies, “non-profit” studies, WHO studies, Anthony Fauci videos, clips from the news, etc.

“Study shows the Vaccine is Safe & Effective!”

“Unvaccinated 87 bajillion times more likely to die of Covid than unvaccinated!”

And the whole time I’m just wondering, “Why would I trust a single word in any of these ‘studies’?”

I don’t trust the government. So why would I trust a government study?

And that’s the fundamental divide: it’s trust in the system.

The Karens and Covidiots trust the system; we do not.

They get the vaccine because they think the government is looking out for them; we don’t because we don’t.

The Expert Trusters™ have a very naive, almost childlike trust in the system.

“The government would never release an unsafe vaccine! They’re looking out for us!”

Dude, government employees are too busy watching porn all day at work to make sure the vaccine is Safe & Effective™. Tons and tons of porn.

It’s also this Cult of the Doctor mindset that so many Americans have fallen into. People just blindly trust their doctors, as if they’re Perfect Angels who dropped in from heaven and would never ever steer you wrong, whether deliberately due to his own financial interests, or inadvertently due to the fact that he just isn’t as all-knowing as you think he is. 

I don’t get it. People completely let their guard down when it comes to a doctor. They think doctors are a superior race of flawless superheroes. 

Do you know your doctor? Like really know him on a personal level? Or is he just a guy you drop in to visit a couple times a year, and yet nevertheless place more trust in than anyone else in the whole world?

Maybe I’m old school but I think doctors should be family friends. I think your doctor should know you and your family on a personal level. I want my doctor to actually care about me as a human being. 

I’m not saying doctors don’t give a shit about their patients. I’m just saying it doesn’t make much sense to blindly trust someone you hardly know. 

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  1. mariafrank1 says:

    I have a friend who distrusts all doctors, yet got 2 jabs. She now says no to the booster but went and got a flu shot a day ago. She thinks if she gets these death darts it will keep her from seeing the dr. I know she doesn’t see how ridiculous this is. I also saw many parents coerced into getting the sting from their children making the case that left un jabbed they would somehow spread covid to their grandchildren but said they were concerned for their elderly parents well being as being the main reason. Clearly they didn’t do any of their own research on what’s in this poisonous cocktail. Lord help us all.

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