Ohio State University Spending Over $13 million a Year on Diversity Coordinators

If half the students in American colleges aren’t learning anything of real value (specifically those in liberal arts fields), then what are colleges for?


Here is a better look at the highest “earners” on the list:

They are paying someone almost $300,000 a year to head up the office of “Institutional Equity.”

“Diversicrats” is right.

These people contribute nothing to society, yet have high-paying jobs.

And this is just one university, too.

According to US News & World Report, there are over 4,000 degree-granting academic institutions in the United States.

Now, not all of them are as big as Ohio State, which is one of the biggest and richest schools in the country.

But in the aggregate, we’re talking about billions and billions of dollars being spent on Diversity & Inclusion coordinators.

And that’s just the universities. Think of how many there are in federal, state and local governments wasting taxpayer money.

And think of how many are on corporate payrolls, too.

I’d really like to know how much money “Diversity & Inclusion” departments are costing this country.

The political patronage system is alive and well. It’s not just donors and campaign supporters who get cushy jobs. It goes way beyond that.

When I say the Democratic Party is one gigantic Mafia-like organized crime syndicate, it entails this type of thing as well.

If you’ve ever watched Sopranos, you see the “no-show jobs” some of the guys “worked” at the construction site in later seasons. If you’re a made guy, these no-show jobs are very lucrative. You get paid as if you’re working, but you don’t do any work. Half the time you don’t even show up, hence the name.

Collegiate diversity departments are the political equivalent of mafia “no-show jobs.”

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