Record Homicides in Philadelphia, And it’s a Complete Mystery As To Why

It’s already the city’s bloodiest year on record with over three weeks left in 2021:

How could this happen?

No one knows.

Nobody at all.

It’s one of the great mysteries of our time.

What we can all agree upon, however, is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the rioting, looting and general lawlessness that began last year.

It also certainly has nothing to do with the devastating mental toll taken on Americans by the lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

And it most DEFINITELY has nothing to do with George Soros-funded city prosecutors turning major US cities into warzones.

But this crazy right-wing conspiracy theorist named Robby Starbuck who’s running for Congress in Tennessee argues just that–that Soros is behind all of it! How dare he!

And how dare the New York Post give a conspiracist like Starbuck a platform!

The crime wave sweeping across the country is the direct result of a years-long campaign by George Soros to bankroll the election of far-left district attorneys committed to undermining law and order.

Over the past six years or so, Soros has poured tens of millions of dollars into the campaigns of DA candidates from coast to coast, achieving a remarkable degree of success by simply overwhelming all the other candidates. Whereas normal DA candidates typically run on five-figure budgets, Soros-backed DA candidates routinely enjoy seven-figure war chests.

Soros is able to do this because federal campaign-finance limitations do not apply to local races. Many states have adopted their own laws capping the amounts that individuals and/or political action committees can contribute to candidates, but those laws are often riddled with loopholes. In some cases, the limits only apply to statewide races. In other cases, Soros can circumvent individual contribution limits by funneling money through the PACs he has set up for this purpose, which generally go by the ironic name of “Safety and Justice.”

The reason Soros has spent so much money on races that used to be relatively obscure, local affairs is straightforward. Just as President Barack Obama seized upon the notion of “prosecutorial discretion” to grant de facto amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants after failing to get amnesty passed by Congress, Soros recognizes that local prosecutors can exercise the same discretion to selectively enforce laws. Rather than spending tens of millions of dollars per state on numerous higher-profile races for state lawmakers, he can spend comparatively smaller amounts on DA races knowing that the outcome will determine how — and even whether — laws are enforced.

It’s part of the Hungarian-born investor’s push of progressive policies around the world through his Open Society Foundations.

The candidates Soros backs are so unapologetically far left that they make Bernie Sanders sound like Richard Nixon. Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner received $1,700,000 from SorosChicago DA Kim Foxx, who treated Jussie Smollett with kid gloves after he concocted a wild story about a late-night assault, got a cool $2 million. Kim Gardner, the St. Louis circuit attorney who prosecuted the McCloskeys for defending their property, also received backing from Soros. Thanks to Soros, San Francisco’s DA is Chesa Boudin, the son of Weather Underground terrorists (and convicted murderers), who once served as a translator for Venezuela’s communist dictator Hugo Chavez.

Philadelphia has one of those Soros-funded DAs, you say?

There’s no way this has anything to do with the record homicide levels in Philadelphia, right?

Once in office, these prosecutors implement policies that are tailor-made to increase crime and reduce public safety. They eliminate or significantly lower bail requirements, making it easier for criminals to get back out on the streets after being arrested. They refuse to prosecute certain crimes, such as vagrancy, prostitution and public urination. In recent years, they’ve even used the COVID pandemic as an excuse to release convicted criminals from prison, many of whom have gone on to re-offend.

Soros pursues the same goals through other means, too. The Bail Project, which describes its purpose as “disrupting the money bail system” while it pursues its “mission to end cash bail,” counts alumni of Soros-backed organizations among its leadership.

The results are as tragic as they are predictable: a surge in violent crime as criminals take advantage of indulgent prosecutors more interested in enforcing their peculiar conceptions of “fairness” than enforcing the law or punishing those who victimize their fellow citizens.

The Soros approach shocked the entire country recently when the soft-on-crime policies of one of his prosecutors led directly to the massacre of innocent parade-goers — including children and elderly grandmothers — in Waukesha, Wis.

Many of whom are still in hospitals fighting for their lives.

The culprit was a career criminal who had just been released from Milwaukee County jail on a mere $1,000 bail despite a history of violent crime and bail-jumping. Although John Chisholm, the DA who set him free, subsequently acknowledged that bail was set “inappropriately low,” he has a long history of fighting to reduce bail with the express intention of minimizing the amount of time that criminals spend in jail. Chisholm congratulated Boudin on winning election in 2019, writing, “I look forward to working with DA Boudin and reformers across the US to forge a justice system defined by fairness, equity, and proportionality.”

When did they all decide to start using this word “equity”? I see it everywhere nowadays. It’s no longer “equality,” it’s equity now.

I understand the two words have different meanings. Equality means everyone is treated equally, while equity means only those who are deemed “under-privileged” or “disadvantaged” are given preferential treatment. This is the way they illustrate it:

Equality = bad.

Equity = good.

It’s an important distinction that the left is now making by switching to the word “equity” and moving away from equality. They no longer want equality. They don’t want us all to be treated equally. They want preferential treatment for their preferred victim groups, people who they claim are “disadvantaged” and must be remedied.

I’m sure Soros is the one behind the change in terminology, or at least part of it, given that his bought-and-paid-for DAs saying “equity” now.

It’s just so obvious that they all get their marching orders from the same place these days. Look for the word “equity,” I’m sure you’ll start seeing it everywhere now. It’s all about “equity” these days, and it’s not accidental.

It’s not just the high-profile tragedies that demonstrate the dangers of the Soros DA network, though. Every single day, Soros-backed prosecutors are cultivating a culture of lawlessness that puts residents at risk.

In Philadelphia, homicides have more than doubled since Larry Krasner was elected DA in 2017, reaching an all-time high this year. Cook County, Ill. (Chicago), has recorded more than 1,000 homicides so far in 2021 — the most since 1994. In San Francisco, where so-called “quality of life” crimes are no longer prosecuted, homelessness is now being described as a “humanitarian crisis.”

That’s “equity” for you, I guess.

The solution is simple: Stop letting Soros purchase DA races by adequately funding candidates who will enforce the law, and start publicly connecting the dots between Soros-funded prosecutors and crime. We must make those who take his money unelectable.

I’ve been warning establishment Republicans for years that they need to get off their rear-ends and do something about the growing network of Soros-backed prosecutors. The longer we let the far left execute this strategy unchallenged, the more innocent citizens will be made to suffer.

One of the reasons I’m running for Congress in Tennessee next year is to challenge this sort of establishment apathy. There are few issues that even come close to matching the importance of law and order — lives are literally at stake.

Maybe I’ve grown too cynical these days, but I’m skeptical that Republicans are merely “apathetic” about Soros and his pro-crime prosecutors deliberately turning American cities into lawless thunderdomes.

I really do wonder how many Republicans are on Soros’ payroll. Remember last year when Fox News got extremely angry at Newt Gingrich for daring to mention George Soros’ name on their network?

It’s not just the Democrats doing Soros’ bidding.

Until conservatives start funding viable challengers to the Soros prosecutors, the crime wave that’s taking place in communities all over the country is going to keep getting worse, and many more people will needlessly die.

I’ve followed Starbuck on Twitter for a few years now. I don’t really know what he did before he started running for Congress, but he’s always been a great follow. He seems like a guy who gets it, and that’s apparent in his willingness to call out Soros in the pages of the New York Post. Not many Republicans are willing to call out Soros by name.

I am hopeful that a guy like Starbuck represents the new generation of Republican, not the out-of-touch and thoroughly corrupted, and still-stuck-in-the-Bush-era “establishment.”

Starbuck understands the laws that need to be changed to prevent Soros from ruining our cities, but Starbuck also understands that there just needs to be more money put up to challenge Soros by rich people who actually care about America and don’t want to see it destroyed. We need a Soros of our own.

The point of all the Soros-funded lawlessness in the cities is to terrorize the common folk. Soros and the rich leftwing elite ideologues want “anarcho-tyranny,” and I’ve talked about this concept before:

The state does not give a shit about actual crime that threatens not only law-abiding normal Americans, but the entire social order.

What the state does care about is punishing dissidents–for example, parents at school board meetings who oppose Critical Race Theory being pushed on their kids. The full might of the FBI is mobilized to investigate them, of course.

It’s why the government is claiming White Supremacist Terror is now the single greatest danger to Americans while ignoring skyrocketing crime in the cities.

The law is now completely corrupted and exists only to punish dissidents rather than to actually maintain order and domestic tranquility.

However, the anarcho-tyranny plan is starting to backfire a bit.

It is not just Average Americans who are being terrorized by the lawlessness now taking over our cities.

Just last week, Jacqueline Avant, the wife of famed music producer Clarence Avant, was murdered in their Beverly Hills home during a home invasion:

Jacqueline Avant, the wife of music legend Clarence Avant, was shot and killed at their Beverly Hills home early Wednesday.

Police responded to a report of a shooting around 2:23 a.m. in the 1100 block of Maytor Place, according to the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Officers arrived to find 81-year-old Jacqueline Avant suffering from a gunshot wound. She was taken to a local hospital, but did not survive, police said.

The shooter was no longer at the scene when officers arrived at the Beverly Hills home, according to the department. No description of was available of any suspects involved.

While the incident initially appeared to be a home invasion robbery, Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook said it was too early to determine what the motive was.

“The motives in this case are still unknown, and we’re investigating all possible motives. And we will not speculate on anything that’s out there, including if this was a robbery attempt or not,” the police chief said in a news conference.

Stainbrook said no else was injured during the incident at the home, which has a security guard. Law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times that a security guard who was on the property was also shot at during the incident.

Jacqueline Avant married record executive Clarence Avant in 1967, and the pair are parents to two children, including film producer and former U.S. ambassador Nicole Avant, who is married to Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos.

This is startling stuff. The presence of a security guard didn’t even deter whoever murdered Jacqueline Avant. I’m sure the house was gated and walled-off, too.

The wealthy elites are not even safe in their Beverly Hills mansions anymore.

Oprah Winfrey, who was clearly rocked to her core by the news of Avant’s murder, took to Twitter:

“I’ve spent the day numbed and in shock. I can only imagine how the Avant family feels. Jacqueline Avant was the classiest, kindest, and most calming presence. The fact that this happened, her being shot and killed in her own home, after giving, sharing and caring for 81 years has shaken the laws of the Universe. The world is upside down. And deeply in need of some Love today.”

Clearly Oprah was deeply troubled by this news.

“Shaken the laws of the Universe. The world is upside down.”

Translation: This wasn’t supposed to happen to US!

As was noted in the article above, Jacqueline Avant was the mother-in-law of Netflix co-founder Ted Sarandos.

I found this interesting tidbit over at Ace of Spades, via a commenter:

Reed Hastings, the other co-founder of Netflix, was the second largest contributor to LA County DA George Gascon’s campaign. The largest was George Soros. Wonder what his partner thinks of that now. Posted by: Mark1971

The question now is, will the elites be willing to tolerate a little “collateral damage” in their pursuit of “equity,” or will the brutal murder of one of their own be the moment they decide to put their collective foot down and stop funding and promoting the rise of violent crime in this country?

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