Do You Feel Confident in This Man’s Ability to Lead the US Military?

This is Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Does this photo give you confidence in the US Military?

Does this image project strength?

Does this send a message to our enemies, “Don’t mess with us”?

Couldn’t this goofball have just worn a normal-looking mask? Why not just a standard black mask?

No, he had to wear a CAMOUFLAGE MASK, as if he were trying to hide. As if he were in the jungles of Vietnam, or the mountains of the Kandahar province.

Bro, we get it: you’re IN THE ARMY.

We can all see that from your uniform with all your stars and badges and pins and medals and brass and shit.

But you are inside of the Pentagon. You are not in an active combat situation. Why are you wearing a camouflage mask?

It just makes him look like a clown.

Also, why is he wearing a mask at all? Masks project weakness and fear. One of the worst mistakes Trump made as President was putting the mask on and allowing himself to be photographed in it. It just makes you look like a cowering, trembling pussy.

Putin, as far as I know, has never been photographed with a mask on. I tried to Google it, I couldn’t find a single image of him wearing a mask:

Putin took one look at that photo of Mark Milley and instantly thought: “Ukraine is mine.”

Now, I will say that Xi of China has been photographed in a mask on–numerous times, in fact:

I do wonder, though, if this is just more of a Chinese cultural thing. They’ve been wearing masks for a long time now.

Anyway, how in the hell did this guy Milley earn more awards and honors than Gen. Eisenhower?

And Patton, too:

But yeah, the guy who oversaw the embarrassment in Afghanistan gets more medals and honors than the guys who won World War II.


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