On The Idea That the Vaccine is Designed to Kill Us All

There is a belief out there, a “conspiracy theory,” as such beliefs are often referred to, that the point of the vaccine is mass depopulation.

The proof is obviously in the Georgia Guidestones, which say the earth’s population should be kept stable at 500 million. Nobody knows who put those stones there in Georgia, but it must have been the global elite.

And of course a lot of wealthy elites have been talking about overpopulation for a while now, as they believe in Malthusianism and the idea that we’re going to hit the carrying capacity of the planet because there are simply too many people.

Let’s work through this idea:

  • Most or all the people who get vaccinated are supposed to die. This will eventually bring the world population down to only 500 million, in accordance with the Georgia Guidestones.
  • The only people remaining, however, will be the “conspiracy theorists” who didn’t get the vaccine because they were wise to the elite’s evil agenda.
  • So it’ll just be the unvaxed conspiracy theorists, and the global elites remaining the world.
  • Why would the global elites want that?
  • The idea that a global population of 500 million is more manageable for them sort of makes sense (so long as you completely ignore the fact that losing billions upon billons of consumers and spenders would be terrible for the elites financially), but not if the 500 million people remaining are the right-wing conspiracy theorists who are the only ones that are on to the evil elites’ schemes.
  • Such a mass genocide scheme would be tantamount to the elites wiping out all their more loyal subjects and leaving only their enemies remaining.
  • It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  • Not only this, but the elites would have no protection at all from the survivors because the elites are making the military all get vaxed.
  • So they’re going to kill off the military, which is basically the only thing that could protect them from the angry survivors who are the only remaining witnesses to what has happened?
  • This makes even less sense.
  • This is like a killer in a room of 5 people murdering 4 people, and then just leaving one remaining witness for no good reason at all. Oh, and the killer also had a bodyguard, too, but he killed the bodyguard as well.
  • It really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you think about it.
  • I mean, really, what is the endgame here? After most of the population has been killed off by the vaccine and only 500 million anti-vaxers remain, the global elites will come forth and say, “Congratulations, you have passed the test. You were the only smart ones who refused our poison. Now come join us in our devil-worshiping elite sex cult.” Is that going to happen? Come on.
  • “Oh sure, evil elites who just killed-off 7.3 billion people, and of whom we have always hated and been skeptical. We’d love to join you!”
  • I think by now you get the point.

If anything, it would be the other way around: the vaccine actually works and Covid kills anyone it infects, so that only the vaccinated survive and Covid wipes out all the anti-vaxxers.


Why would they want to kill off their most obedient subjects and leave only the least obedient and most uncooperative people?

It doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

What does make sense is that Big Pharma (and their major shareholders) want mandatory vaccines that feature never-ending booster shots, as this would be a massive and perpetual stream of revenue for them.

But this plan is completely at odds with the idea that the elites want to kill off 7.3 billion people.

A lot of the conspiracy theories also have a Jewish element to them. But if “the Jews” are behind everything, then why is Israel the most vaccinated nation on the planet? Why would the Jews want to kill their own people?

I also want to get into this idea of the Georgia Guidestones a bit.

You might be wondering, if the elites were planning on killing billions and billions of people until there are only 500 million people left in the world, why would they tell people about it?

Most “conspiracy theorists” operate under the principle that the evil elites leave clues and hints to their plans and schemes, because I guess their devil-worshipping religion requires it or something like that. They have to tell you what they’re doing, but cryptically. It has something to do with technically being full disclosure, I guess. Like they have to get people to agree to their evil schemes, they can’t just do them. They have to trick people into agreeing.

I think the conspiracy theorists get this idea–that the evil elites must leave a trail of clues–from the Da Vinci Code and the Dan Brown novels.

Which of course must be clues themselves, left by the evil elites!

This is a core belief of conspiracy theorism. It is this belief that the evil elites always leave a cryptic breadcrumb trail of evidence or warning about what they’re going to do.

The Georgia Guidestones are considered the proof, the evidence, the breadcrumb trail. This is because the first line on them says, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

So there’s your proof right there. Boom.

The Georgia Guidestones, for those who don’t know, were built anonymously in like 1979 or 1980 or something like that. And the anonymity is the reason for all the sinister theories. You might be thinking that 41 years is a long time to wait. But of course it’s not a long time for these evil elites. They pass down their traditions to their kids and new members and all that. It’s a long-running cult.

The significance of the number 41 is quite interesting. You see–

Nah, I’m just kidding 😂

I have no idea why they wouldn’t just have green-lit their depopulation genocide 40 years ago when the population of the earth was only about 4.4 billion, as opposed to the 7.8 billion we’re at today.

I guess they’re just that evil and wanted to wait until they could kill a few billion more people, probably. That’s gotta be it. Even though allowing the population of the Earth to grow by even one person back in 1980 was a violation of the first rule of the Guidestones, as the population was already way over 500 million.

In fact, the earth’s population hasn’t been 500 million since 1600.

Why would the evil elites, who have presumably been running the show for a very long time, allow the world population to grow unchecked for over 400 years? Why only now would they decide to cull the herd?

And why 500 million? What’s so special about that number? Were human beings in perfect harmony with nature back in 1600 or something? 500 million seems like an arbitrary number.

And, again, the stones were made in 1980.

So the elites were in violation of the first rule for 41 years. I guess that was part of the plan? Yeah, totally.

But the thing is, if the Georgia Guidestones were put there by the elite as a way to subtly warn us of what’s to come, then why are the elites today ignoring many of the tenets listed on them?

Here are the 10 tenets of the Georgia Guidestones:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

Admittedly, some of that stuff is embraced by the elite, namely #2 which is basically eugenics.

But what about the living new language? We don’t have that.

“Rule passion—faith—tradition—and all things with tempered reason.” Okay, this is just life advice. It’s very basic and obvious, and sounds like something a college pothead taking Philosophy 101 would say, but whatever. “Yo, like religion is good and stuff, but like, being rational is also good, y’know?” Moving on.

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.” LMFAO!!!!! Well, I think after this one we can safely say the Georgia Guidestones were definitely not commissioned by the global elite. The Democratic Party would consider rule #5 on these guidestones as Hate Speech.

“Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.” This is not very on-brand for the Global Elite, either. I thought the global elites wanted a World Government? Why would they be promoting letting all nations rule internally. That sounds a lot to me like TRUMPISM and NATIONALISM, which the elites tell us is bad and evil and NAZI.

Sure, a world court is something they’d like, but it also sounds, again, like something a college pothead taking Foreign Policy 101 would say. “Yo, what if, like we just had, like, a court, but for like, the world, y’know? Like if one country is mad at another, they could, like, sue each other in like, a world court?” Congratulations, you’ve just invented the Untied Nations.

“Avoid petty laws and useless officials.” Yeah, this is definitely not something the global elites would say. If we abided by this there’d be no Deep State.

“Balance personal rights with social duties.” Very vague, very obvious. Not very helpful at all. But basically, it’s communism.

“Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.” A nice sentiment. These people were definitely on drugs when they wrote this stuff. However, our elites do not prize truth, beauty or love at all. Not even close. In fact they’re all about the opposites of those things. They certainly hate truth. They hate beauty (just look at our architecture, art, and what leftism does to women). They don’t prize love. They want people divorced and miserable.

“Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.” This is definitely some 1960s/1970s hippie environmentalism.

So that’s what’s on the Georgia Guidestones.

Even if we just accept this ridiculous idea that the elites have to tell us what they’re going to do to us, how exactly would the Georgia Guidestones constitute “telling us in advance”? The Guidestones were and remain anonymous. No one knows who paid for them or built them or put them there. At least it’s not all public knowledge.

There is no connection between the elites and the guidestones. I mean, if the Guidestones were commissioned by the Rockefellers or some other elite family like that (and said so on the stones), then I’d understand how they could be connected to depopulation conspiracy theories.

But they’re anonymous! If the elites are in fact forced to Warn Us In Advance, then the Georgia Guidestones are not the way to do it. There’s no way anyone can connect them to any person or group. I guess we’re just supposed to assume that the anonymity of the guidestones is somehow definitive proof that they were put there by the Global Elites.

Plus, as we just went over, the Global Elites are obviously not abiding by all the rules on the guidestones.

I’m sure that’s just to confuse us, though!

……Even though they want us to know what they’re up to.

See how ridiculous this is?

Alright, so I think the Georgia Guidestones, while the first part is disturbing with the depopulation and eugenics stuff, are a big nothing-burger.

The radical environmentalist movement has been saying stuff like this for a long time. Back in the day, when they were way more prominent and radical and outspoken, they talked like that all the time.

Radical environmentalists of the 1970s said nutty shit like this all the time.

Of course, when they said stuff like that, they were talking about you, not themselves. They granted themselves permission to live.

I think the Guidestones were put there by radical environmentalists–probably ones with lots of money. Perhaps an organization of radical environmentalists. A lot of the stuff on there is in line with what they said and believed.

And this idea that They Have To Tell Us First!

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry, but it is.

This is literally the downfall of every evil genius in the movies. He’s got the hero of the movie chained up, and instead of just killing him on the spot and pressing the Big Red Button, he’s wasting time explaining his evil plan to blow up New York City, and his long-winded explanation gives the other good guys time to sneak into his lair and stop him.

Do you think the real life evil geniuses would allow themselves to be foiled in this same manner?

Why would they be leaving breadcrumb trails for people like us? They want random people who spend way too much time online to be able to uncover their evil schemes?

This is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

And if the global elites truly did reveal all their evil plans, they probably wouldn’t remain global elites for very long.

Revealing your evil plans is a really stupid thing to do.

Are the elites uber-powerful evil geniuses, or are they uber-powerful evil idiots? Can’t be both.

Are they heavily secretive and hush-hush about everything, or are their secrets and schemes easily uncovered by anyone with the ability to use Google search?

Not a lot of this stuff makes sense when you really think about it.

I’m no fan of the global elites, or the Covid vaccine. I’m not trying to defend them here or act like the vaccine is great or anything. I’m just a person who prefers truth to lies. I don’t like bullshitters, and there are lots of them on the right taking advantage of people who, knowing that they cannot trust the mainstream media, mistakenly reason that they can in fact trust anyone and everyone who isn’t the mainstream media.

But there are a lot of hucksters and con-artists and snake oil salesmen in the online right. A lot of them.

I am very familiar with the online right scene. I have been, if not involved in it, then at least regularly exposed to it for over a decade now. I know how things work in the right-wing corners of the internet.

Just like with the left-wing media, a good portion of the right-wing internet media is based heavily on fear. Conspiracy-mongers and grifters are a dime-a-dozen. Most of them are trying to sell products: doomsday prepper kits, “life force supplements,” etc.

Most of all, fear-mongering and conspiracy-mongering gets clicks and views. People eat that shit up. They want to feel like they’re gaining access to Forbidden Knowledge; like they’re learning about things they’re not supposed to know about. Conspiracy theories are very appealing. They get lots and lots of clicks and views.

Like with the libs who are brainwashed by the media, there is a small number of people doing the duping and a very large number of otherwise well-intentioned and patriotic people being duped.

But a lot of this stuff just doesn’t add up when you really think about it.

I mean, hell: Trump was the one who pushed for the vaccine in the first place! He was the one who created Operation Warp Speed.

Trump is supposed to be the Only One Who Can Defeat The Global Elites, but he also literally handed them their Genocide Shot on a silver platter? He fast-tracked it!

And he is still to this day encouraging people to take it!

This stuff just doesn’t add up.

One final point: Conspiracy theories about the vaccine are also pitched as if the conspiracy is global in scale–that literally every government of the world is in on it.

But this is a very Western-centric view of the world.

“The Vatican controls everything!” What about Eastern Europe, which is predominantly Orthodox, including Russia?

What about the 1.6 billion Muslims of the world?

What about communist China?

What about India?

Most of the world has no association at all with the Pope and the Catholic Church.

Many countries use Russian and Chinese vaccines, not American-made ones. Why would the Russians and the Chinese want to be part of the Western conspiracy to depopulate?

Russia doesn’t want to depopulate. It wants to increase its population–in fact, is desperate to do so.

China doesn’t want to depopulate any longer. They got rid of the One Child Policy in 2015 and replaced it with a Two Child Policy.

And, just this year, China realized the Two Child Policy wasn’t sufficient, so they replaced it with a Three Child Policy.

It’s possible that Western governments want to depopulate, and quickly. But this is not a belief shared by the rest of the world.

When Americans say “the world,” often what they really mean is “America and Western Europe, possibly Australia.”

“The whole world’s in on it!”

No, it’s not.

News flash: China and Russia hate us. They are not “in” on anything with us. They don’t even use our vaccines; they have their own. And they are not trying to depopulate; they’re trying to boost birth rates.

China and Russia do not give a shit about the depopulation fantasies of the Western elites.

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